Houston’s Mike Swick off UFC Fight For The Troops 2 Card

Former Bushi Ban fighter and native Houstonian Mike Swick announced on his Facebook that he would not be fighting David Mitchell on January 22, 2010 at the UFC Fight for the Troops 2 card at Ft. Hood, Texas.

“I got the call yesterday that David Mitchell backed out due to an injury and considering my current situation we opted to put off the fight all together. I have been dealing with with my esophageal condition this whole camp and its taken a toll on my body. I will need more time to seek better treatment to ensure I can compete at this level,” Swick posted on his wall.

Swick, a fan favorite known for his high energy style of fighting, felt that his condition prohibited him from giving 100% in the cage and decided it would be best to rehab and recover rather than fight simply for the money. “I got into Martial Arts to push myself & compete w/ the best fighters & athletes in the world. To give it my all, entertain & inspire others to chase their dreams. At this point I am not near at my best & dont wanna take a fight just for a paycheck when I cannot deliver what I’ve worked hard on for 23 years.”

Swick now trains out of American Kickboxing Academy, but came up as a Houston fighter trianing out of Bushi Ban.  He did not set a time table for his return.

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