Houston’s Mangonia and Wald to Fight in Oklahoma

Written By: Lance Edwards

Wald backs his opp. up

Saturday February 11th, 2012 will see Matt Wald and Nethaneel Mongonia (two local Muay Thai fighters) compete for the Collision Extreme Combat 160lb title in Oklahoma. Wald is the current champion, having won the belt via split decision back on November 12, 2011. This will be Walds first title defense.

Matt Wald is based out of Gracie Barra North Houston, and Nethaneel Mongonia will be representing Kru Pong’s Fight Team.

Mongonia lands a leg kick

When asked about the fight Mongonia commented, “As for Muay Thai in Texas, Matt’s the best. Daniel Kim trained him well, and I only want to fight the best! I knew that I would have to face him one day, better soon then later”

When I asked him about the rules, Mongonia said, “No head gear. No shin pads. That makes me happy!”

This should prove to be a great fight between two of Houston’s best amateur Muay Thai fighters.

Collision Extreme Combat takes place at the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis, Ok. If you’re planning on making the trip, you can get tickets here.