Houston MMA Now – Episode 3 to be streamed LIVE!

Be sure and tune in to Episode 3 of Houston MMA Now, live here on TheCageDoor.net. The show starts at 6pm. Join Barry and Rich as they talk about all of the upcoming December action in Houston MMA.

Show topics include:

  • Cage Combat 1
  • IXFA 2
  • Puro Combate 3
  • The top 5 fighters to watch out for in 2011
  • and more!

Even if you’re not that interested in Houston MMA, you should tune in because it’s live, so the train wreck value is going to be off the  charts.  If that doesn’t do it for you, chances are Rich is going to say some inappropriate stuff that would have the show banned from cable TV!

To watch the show, simply log on to http://www.thecagedoor.net . The show will be streamed on the home page starting at 6pm.

After the show, stick around as we’ll be streaming the Puro Combate 3 press conference live.  Find out what Jason David Frank, Nick Mitchell, Randy Hauer and more have to say about their upcoming fights on December 9th at Puro Combate 3.