News and Notes: January 21st Edition


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Written by: Lance Edwards

Houston MMA News & Notes

(The latest info about the Houston MMA scene)

Lee Higgins fighting at Strikeforce

Higgins has been signed by Strikeforce to face Ryan Couture (son of MMA legend Randy Couture) on the main card of their February 18th Challengers 14 event in Cedar Park, TX. Check out our interview with Lee to find out more, and be sure and check out his blog to keep up with him as his fight approaches.

Cage Combat 2

Garcia Promotions announced their Cage Combat 2 event to be held on March 4 at the Humble Civic Center.  The card is packed with several good fights, including a couple of title bouts.  As with any card, it is subject to change.

Below is the card:

Colin Wright 3-0 (Paradigm) vs Paul Reyes 5-2 (Mercenary Martial Arts)  135 Title!!!
Cody Phillips 2-0 (Bam Bam) vs Hassan Walker 3-1 (One 2 One155 Title!!!
Chris Avalia 2-0 (4oz) Vs Matthew Jones 2-0 (Texas Top Team/Marcelo Salazar Jiu Jitsu) 205
Aarron Croon 2-1 (Tooke MMA) vs James Gonzales 1-1 (Silverback) 145
Ryan Durand 2-0 (4oz) vs Ryan Rivera 3-0-1 (UKA) 155
Willie Davis 2-0 (SBA) vs Levi West 1-0 (Tooke MMA) 170
Ryan Josey 2-0 (Hoger MMA) vs Chas Liberty 2-0 (Paradigm) 170
John Gorell 1-1 (Elite MMA) vs Foster Volkner 4-1 (Hoger MMA) 145
TBA vs John Hayden 0-0 (Kingwood MMA) 170
Daniel Keeling 0-0 (SBA) vs Ian Haines 0-0 (Kingwood MMA) 150
Raphael Plata 0-0 (SBA) vs Britton Boyd 0-0 (BVMMA) 170
Chris Jones 0-1 (UKA) vs Cody Harrell 0-0 (Silverback) 155
Bryan Broussard 1-2  vs Carlos Jiminez 1-2 (4oz) 135
Aurturo Delgado(Windy/Bailout MMA) 0-0 vs Jeremy Hunter 0-1 (Kingwood MMA) 170
Matt Thompson 1-3 (BVMMA) vs Martin Garcia 0-3 (Gracie Barra) 125
Brandon Barquardez 0-0 (Paradigm) vs Charley Witbeck 0-3 (4oz) 185
Steele west 0-3 (Iron Dragon) vs Zack Scalf 0-2 (UKA170
Terrel Henson 0-0 (Mercenary Martial Arts) vs Christian Sutton (Hoger MMA205
Manny Lozoya 2-1 (Bushi Ban) VS. Christopher Zeglin 0-1 145lbs.

Legacy Magazine

Legacy Promotions has released a magazine locally in Houston prior to their upcoming card on January 29th. We are told that thousands of copies are being distributed across the Houston Area. According to Mick Maynard, the goal of the magazine is to enhance the reach and broaden the market of the Legacy brand, as well as to try and provide more exposure for Houston MMA to the casual fight fan.

4oz Family Fun day

Once again the 4oz Family Fun Day was held, and was a resounding success. To check out some of the sparring matches, has posted them for your viewing pleasure.


Drew Ratichek (American Combative Systems), who took part in GFA 10 in Alexandria, LA unfortunately lost a unanimous decision to Aaron Davis now (2-3). Ratichek has been plagued by an ongoing arm injury which appeared to impact his performance. News

(The latest news about

Legacy Coverage

Leading up to the January 29th Legacy event, look out for interviews with local fighters taking part in the card here on If you just can’t wait for them to be posted check, out our interviews archive where some of the fighters on the card have previous interviews featured. Among those we have already interviewed here on the site are  Mike Bronzoulis, Brian Melancon, Daniel Pineda, Levi Forrest, John Malbrough, Jordan Rivas, Alex Morono and Rey Trujillo. (click on their name to be taken to their interview)

Twitter Contest Underway

Or latest contest is happening on Twitter. If we can reach 1,000 followers by Jan 31, we will give away 20 shirts to 20 random followers. You can follow us on Twitter at

2011 Site Survey

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(Get the scoop on the latest Juicy gossip from around Houston MMA)

  • Houston Muay Thai Council? – Rumor has it there have been discussions underway regarding the creation of a Muay Thai Council, to be set up covering the Houston area and will include ALL Gyms. Look out for more information on soon.
  • Trujillo Fighting for Shine? – Rumor has it that Rey Trujillo is scheduled to appear on the next Shine Grand Prix tournament in Louisiana in April.
  • Moore moving up? – Rumor has it that Todd Moore is contemplating a move up a weight class from 155 to 170.


(Events upcoming over the next 7 days)

January 22nd – UFC Fight for the Troops 2 at Ft. Hood., Tournament of Champions 7 (Dallas), Operation Appreciation: Texas Hold ‘Em MMA ClinicJoe Soliz Jiu-Jitsu Technique and Theory Seminar

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