Houston Fighters Making Waves on the National Scene – Revisited

Written By: Barry Laminack

The last time we looked at the fight matrix rankings was back in February of this year. That’s too long ago so we’ll start doing these on a more regular basis (perhaps even monthly). This time around, we got a time from the guys over at Made to Win that some of our Houston area guys are making waves in the rankings, most notably Daniel Pineda. Based on the tip, we thought we’d take a look at how our Houston area guys are doing.

If you are not familiar with FightMatrix, it’s a website dedicated to ranking fighters world wide using a computerized scoring system to rank fighters. In fact, from their own website they describe it as follows, “The rankings presented are computerized and provided by the FightMatrix ranking system, which utilizes a comprehensive MMA fight database to provide objective rankings. Please note, that these rankings ONLY contain fighters who have had at least one professional fight some time in the 450 days prior to the ranking date.”

What follows is the fighters that fight, have fought or are scheduled to fight here in Houston. Here is a breakdown of what we found:

US Rank World Rank Name Record
5 15 Will Campuzano 9-4-0
11 44 Jimmy Flick 3-0-0
65 123 Steve Garcia 7-4-0
56 110 Jonathan Mackles 9-2-0
16 34 Daniel Pineda 14-7-0
41 90 Chas Skelly 7-0-0
63 127 Frank Gomez 10-4-0
85 170 Adam Schindler 9-2-0
35 56 Carlo Prater 28-10-1
145 283 Cameron Dollar 9-3-0
164 317 Levi Forrest 6-1-0
230 443 Jose Santibanez 10-3-0
236 450 Justin Reiswerg 3-1-0
74 137 Pete Spratt 23-20-0
78 142 Todd Moore 14-4-0
92 170 Mike Bronzoulis 12-3-1
104 198 Brian Melancon 5-2-0
160 320 Joe Christopher 11-6-0
186 372 Alex Cisne 5-2-0
194 388 Derrick Krantz 9-3-0
45 91 Artenas Young 7-3-0
81 161 Andrew Craig 5-0-0
Light Heavyweight
105 227 Ike Villanueva 7-4-0
58 109 Sam Hoger 10-4-0

Looking at this list compared to February’s, I think it’s safe to say that Houston MMA is on the rise…big time!

Want more rankings? Check out our quarterly Houston MMA Rankings. The 2011 Q2 rankings were released June 30.