Houston Fighters Go International

Written By: Lance Edwards

This week sees two Houston fighters fighting internationally.

Neo In Brazil

This Friday sees Carlo Prater, hot off his superb Strikeforce Challengers win fighting in Olinda, Brazil for the International Fighting Championship. Fighting on a card, which includes Paulão Filho, Hermes França and Gregor Gracie;  Carlo Prater once again takes to the cage. His opponent will be Henrique Mello.

Jimenez in South Korea

Fighting in the WXF event,  The World Ultimate Fighting Competition, is Houston’s Raul Jimenez. The event is scheduled for April 30th in Seoul, Korea. The event is an international 12 man heavyweight tournament called KF-1, with Jimenez representing his native Ecuador. Other countries represented include Russia, Peru, Brasil, Korea and Kazakhstan. There is only 1 American fighting.

The bouts are scheduled as 3 x 3 minute rounds. Jimenez trains with Macacao at Gold Team Tx, 4oz Fight Club, and of course his own gym Team Gacho.

Making the trip to corner Jiminez is Jeremy Mahon, who checked in with TheCageDoor.net, letting me know that Raul’s first fight is a guy from China named Li Ji Xiang (This is the only Li Ji Xiang Sherdog has record of).

TCD.net extends it’s support to both Carlo and Raoul and wish them success in their fights.