Houston’s Robo signs three fight deal with Bellator

(photo used with permission from FighterPortraits.com)

Written By: Barry Laminack

After weeks of hinting around that something was coming, we are finally able to spill the beans. Houston’s Chad “Robo” Robichaux (11-0) has signed on to fight with Bellator. The Gracie Barra North Houston fighter inked the deal a couple of weeks ago, but asked us to keep it under wraps until Bellator gave the official go ahead to announce it. Consider it official.

Terms of the deal have not been released, but Robo told us in an exclusive interview that the deal was for three fights that locks him into the promotion for a year.

“I’m really excited. This is an accumulation of a life’s work all coming together for me,” Robo said about signing the deal. “This is definitely a step up for me and an opportunity that I feel I deserve.”

Bellator didn’t waste any time testing Robo as his first fight is scheduled to take place against their current Bantamweight champion and the highest ranked Bantamweight not fighting in the UFC (according to FightMatrix) Zach Makovsky (12-2).

“For me, it’s been about competing against the right opponents. I feel like I was always being offered the local tough guys. I just wanted to fight the very best and that’s what Bellator has given me.

When they asked me if I would sign a multi-fight deal, I said yeah, but only if you let me fight your top guy, so they did. Now everybody can’t put the rumors to bed that I’m dodging people.” Robichaux said of his first Bellator fight with Makovsky.

Robo recently earned a split decision victory at Strikeforce: Houston over Humberto Deleon. Makovsky will be making his first appearance since winning the Bellator Bantamweight tournament in season 3.

“I’m 35 years old and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. I don’t have 10 years left so I don’t want to sit on undercards fighting gate keepers until I retire. I want to do it right now.” Robo said about getting a chance to fight in the main event on MTV2.

The fight is a not title fight since it is not part of the tournament, though Makovsky is the current holder of the belt and reigning Bantamweight champion. Robo had an idea about the belt, “If he’s so confident that he can beat me, I think he should put the belt as a wager. Let me be the custodian of it if I win.”

“I think it would look good next to my Legacy belt,” he added.

As for the fight itself, Robo told TheCageDoor.net that he’s confident going in because of the guys he has in his camp.

“I feel really confident about winning. I think stylistically it’s a good matchup for me. My camp has been really honest with me about the fight so I think we have a great game plan. I’m working with guys like Jody Trantham, an NCAA wrestler who is a southpaw like Makovsky. He’s very similar to Makovsky in size and is a very high level wrestler.

Also both Todd Moore and Adam Schindler are both high level MMA guys who are also excellent southpaw wrestlers.

Then of course I have Draculino and Ratinho, both 4-stripe black belts working with me every day. Then I have Kru Ali for striking. I think these guys are going to help win the fight for me.”

Since winning the Legacy Title back in Novermber of 2009, Robo has been trying to get picked up by a national promotion.

“I’m really happy with the way Bellator has treated me,” Robo commented regarding Bellator. “They made me feel like an athlete that they wanted to see compete for them. I want to thank Ron Foster and Bryan Hamper for helping me land this opportunity. Also thank you to Ranger Up for being behind me for this fight.”

To learn more about Robo and to stay up to date with his camp leading up to the fight head on over to ChadRobo.tv.