Houston’s Prater plans on making most of newest opportunity

(Photo Used with Permission from: FighterPortraits.com)

Written By: AJ Hoffman
Source: Houston MMA Examiner

“I don’t have any real expectations of what is going to come from this opportunity.”

“Hopefully this gets me back on the right track. I think I am an elite fighter. I have to prove it. I would love to just get a win and let the people who decide those kind of things figure out where I fall in the division. I want to get back to the top.”

In early 2008, Houston’s Carlo Prater stood across the cage from Carlos Condit, headlining a WEC card and fighting for the welterweight title. His record sat at 21-4-1 and he had worked his way to the title shot by winning 5 of 6 fights. 3 minutes and 48 seconds later, Prater was submitted by a guillotine choke. Since that loss, things have not gone all that well for Prater. He has gone 4-6 in his last 10 fights to run his record to 25-10-1. That said, he hasn’t gone the most traditional route when picking recent fights…

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