Garcia Promotions releases Cage Combat 6 Card

Written By: Barry Laminack

As you might have heard on our Podcast this week, Garcia Promotions has released the initial card for Cage Combat 6, and part of that card is the first round of their new Featherweight Tournament. Round one will feature 12 fighters from around Texas.

Garcia told TCD that round two will take place 6 weeks later and will have the winners from round 1 facing off against each other, as expected. Round 3 will take place 6 weeks after round 2 and will see all the winners from the second round plus a wild card. Garcia hinted on our podcast that the wild card winner could be determined by a vote held here on


Andrew Musquiz (3-3) (Team Tooke) VS. John Rodriguez (2-1) (Silverback)
Justin Brooks (2-1) (Austin Muay Thai) VS. Casey Williams (2-1)
John Gorell (1-1) (Elite MMA) VS. Luis Ibarra (1-0) (Paradigm)
Robert Butler (8-0) (SFS MMA) VS. Vincent Gonzales (4-1) (Poor House mma)
Luis Gustavo Tosi (Gracie Barra) VS. Yan Digalov (Paradigm)
Hector Silva (Rilion Gracie) VS. Servando Almaraz (GB Katy) – 145


Eric Thompson (Silverback) VS. Ralph Garcia (Relson Gracie Galveston) – 170
Randy McCullough (Bailout MMA) VS Josh Cooper (1-1) (ATT Beaumont) – 135
Dat Nguyen (Bailout MMA) VS. Dontrell Lovett – 135
Kenny Issac (Kingwood MMA) VS. Joel Haesacke – 155
Brandon Gauthier (Team Tooke) VS. Joshua George (Ground Dwellers) – 145
Tony Hadley (Austin Muay Thai) VS. Steele West (Iron Dragon) – 170
Rob Wood (Lovato BJJ) VS. Joel Rivera (6-0) (Team Spar) – 170
Benjamin Lenyard (Brazilian Top Team) VS. Jeremy Lieder (All Star MMA) – 185
Ryan Rivera VS. Chas Liberty (Paradigm) – 155
Mike “The Truth” Jackson VS. TBA – 155
Carlos Jimenez (4oz) VS. James Deherrera (Team Unleashed) – 135
Eric Caminos (ACS) VS. TBA – 155
Bobby Powers (Bailout MMA) VS. TBA – 125

Chris Lopez (3-1)(Team Tooke) VS. Alex Melendez (2-1) (Dallas Jawbreakers) – 155

Levi West (3-0) (Team Tooke) VS. Ryan Spann (7-1) (ATT Beaumont) – 170