Garcia Promotions Announces Changes

Written By: Barry Laminack

Garcia Promotions recently announced some changes in their fight night operations. The changes come on the heels of the unfortunate incidents that occured at Cage Combat 5. If you recall, a near fight broke out in the crowd, at which point a taser was produced by a fan. Garcia come on TCD’s podcast Beyond the Cage Door the following week and said they would look at making changes in the way they operate on fight night in order to prevent issues like this in the future.

One of the most notable changes is that they no longer offer VIP tickets or sections for sale. All tickets are now general admission and will cost $36 each, an increase of $6 over the previous G.A. price of $30.

“We feel that if we put teams all in 1 section together, they hype each other up and influence each other to act out. Everyone will be spread out this way with no sections because we will not allow spectators to save seats,” Garcia said of the changes.

The $36 tickets will get you as close to the action as you want, if space is available as they will be first come first serve.

In place of VIP seats are a limited number of Tables, with 4 seats per table that will cost $200 each and will be located right up against the barricades. “This will keep spectators from getting to close to the barricades and leaning over them into the technical zone. These will be VIP tables,” Garcia stated.

Security has also been beefed up. Along with more police officers on hand, there will be pat downs and bag checks at the doors.

“If you have any weapons, TASERS, perfume sprays or sprays of any kind, or anything that we feel may be a hazard we will make you throw it out or take it back to your car,” Garcia said.

Garcia also added that there will be ZERO TOLERANCE policy on fighting, racial slurs, conflicts or confrontations among spectators, as well as anything that may be a distraction to the event in general.

“You will be removed from the venue immediately, no warnings, and will not be allowed back in,” Garcia said.

Also of note is the change in start times. For Cage Combat 6 doors will now open at 6:30 and the first fight will be at 7:30, so make sure you’re not late, you don’t want to miss any of the action!

Kudos to the guys at Garcia promotions from not ignoring or running from the issue, rather meeting it head on and making drastic changes in order to better their show and the fan experience.