Fans to Pick Next Fight for Jason David Frank

(Houston, TX) – As originally reported on The Mount on 1560am and in a press release issued today, Legacy Fighting Championship has announced that they are allowing fans to get involved in the action by allowing them to help decide the next opponent for controversial MMA fighter Jason Frank.

Jason David Frank

Since Frank’s arrival on the MMA scene back in January of 2010, the forums and websites have been buzzing about his opponents. Franks fans have contended that Frank has fought talent at or near his own record, while hard-core MMA fans have questioned the MMA aptitude of some of his adversaries.

All the talk has lead to Legacy giving both sides a chance to have a say in who Frank fights next. Frank has agreed to allow the fans to vote on the opponent that they would like to see him fight. The final five will be decided Legacy matchmaker Collin Cantrell.

Frank is on board with the idea and is looking to prove to his fans and his doubters that he has what it takes to climb the ladder as a professional MMA fighter.

The official release is below. Audio of the announcement is also below.


Contact: Collin Cantrell
Tel. 254.747.3583

Legacy Fighting Championship to Host Fight on July Card

Jason David Frank, former Power Ranger, has agreed to let fans pick his opponent for his next fight with Legacy Fights. Frank has accumulated perfect record as an amateur and started off his career with a win as a pro. Amid criticism and controversy, Frank has taken his mma career in a new direction under Tony Orozco and the Silverback fight team. “Jason wants to be treated like any other fighter. Frank wanted to fight whoever we put him up against…” stated matchmaker Collin Cantrell about Frank’s new direction. “I felt like it would be fun to let the fans decide his opponent. I also think this says a lot about his attitude right now. I am going to make sure the fight is fair for both Jason and his opponent, so I am only going to consider pro fighters at 195 with 3 or less pro fights. I am opening up to the entire country for candidates. Anyone interested in fighting Jason should email me their bio at Fighters should include their full name, height, weight, fight school, record and contact information in their email. We will announce the final five candidates at our April 9th event in the Arena Theater. We will open up a link on for fans to choose who they want to fight Jason. We will announce the fighter with the most votes on May 14th at our event scheduled for May 14th in the Arena Theater.”