Cage Combat 6 Updated Fight Card

Written By: Barry Laminack

Eric Garcia recently sent out the updated fight card for Cage Combat 6.

Things have changed a bit since last week when we first brought you the initial card.

The biggest change of note is that the 12 man featherweight tournament that was announced in our first post has been changed to be an 8 man tournament. Names that have been dropped from the tournament include Hector Silva, Servando Almaraz, Yan Digalov, Luis Gustavo and Andrew Musquiz.

The Silva vs Almaraz fight will still happen, just not as part of the tournament.Gustavo is now fighting Daniel Everitt (BVMMA), again not part of the tournament.

Musquiz announced on his Facebook page that he was having to retire from fighting for medical reason (of which could be life threatening). He did later say he was seeking a second opinion and is hopeful he will be able to fight again. We’re rooting for you Andrew!

Here is how the new card shapes up:


Raul Rodriguez (1-0) (Sugarland MMA) VS. John Rodriguez (2-1) (Silverback)
Martin Walker (2-1) (ATT Beaumont) VS. Casey Williams (2-1)
John Gorell (1-1) (Elite MMA) VS. Luis Ibarra (1-0) (Paradigm)
Robert Butler (8-0) (SFS MMA) VS. Vincent Gonzales (4-1) (Poor House MMA)


Eric Thompson (Silverback) VS. Ralph Garcia (Relson Gracie Galveston) – 170
Hector Silva (Rilion Gracie) VS. Servando Almaraz (GB Katy) – 145
Randy McCullough (Windy Fight Factory) VS Josh Cooper (1-1) (ATT Beaumont) – 135
Dat Nguyen (Windy Fight Factory) VS. Dontrell Lovett – 135
Kenny Issac (Kingwood MMA) VS. Joel Haesacke – 155
Tony Hadley (Austin Muay Thai) VS. TBA – 170
Rob Wood (Lovato BJJ) VS. Joel Rivera (6-0) (Team Spar) – 170
Benjamin Lenyard (Brazilian Top Team) VS. Justin Pifer (ACS) – 185
Ignacio Martinez (Silverback) VS. Nick Woodard (Bushi Ban) – 150
Mike “The Truth” Jackson VS. David Montemayor (Kingwood MMA) – 155
Eric Schechinger (Champions MMA) VS. TBA – 155
Carlos Jimenez (4oz) VS. James Deherrera (Team Unleashed) – 135
Eric Caminos (ACS) VS. Lucas Orozco (BVMMA) – 155
Bobby Powers (Windy Fight Factory) VS. Will Spidle (ATT Beaumont) – 125
Paulina Granados (American Revolution) VS. Ashley Meza (Paradigm) – 110
Matt Steward (BVMMA) VS. TBA – 205
Daniel Everitt (BVMMA) VS. Luis Gustavo Tosi (Gracie Barra) – 145

Chris Lopez (3-1)(Team Tooke) VS. Alex Melendez (2-1) (Dallas Jawbreakers) – 155

Levi West (3-0) (Team Tooke) VS. Ryan Spann (4-1) (ATT Beaumont) – 170