Breaking News: Young to Face Bush on April 9th at Legacy FC

Written By: Barry Laminack

Shortly after getting the gig as the new Legacy matchmaker, Collin Cantrell wasted little time in putting together his first card. He also didn’t rest on his laurels after releasing the card and has added another fight to the April 9th event.

“We just added Artenas Young vs Bubba Bush to the card. This is going to be a good one,” Cantrell told

Artenas Young at WGC

Young (4-2-0) is coming off a disappointing loss in which he was KO’ed early in the first round by a well timed spinning back fist courtesy of Jared Taylor. Since that fight in December, Young has been doing everything in his power to get on another card, he even offered to fight Jason David Frank for $1 just to be able to get back in the cage at Strikeforce Austin.

Never at a loss for words, Young told me that he was happy to be back and fighting in Houston.

“It has sucked trying to get a fight. I consider myself a premier athlete so I’m always ready. Not being able to get one killed me. I had 7 fights last year so I’m always ready! Period, point blank, I’m the best 185er in the city, so it’s good to be fighting again.”

When I asked if he thought that beating Bubba Bush would prove that he is the best 185’er Young said, “Not at all. I think it’s a good fight. All do respect to him, I just think he’s somebody for me to fight. He’s going to take me down and try and ground and pound me.”

It’s no secret that Bush has great wrestling, so when I asked Young if he was ready for a fight to happen on the ground he said, “It is what it is. I’m the machine gun. I’m an MMA fighter, that means MIXED martial arts. If it goes to the ground that’s fine. I train everything so I don’t care. I Train with the best man, guys like Carlo Prater and Saul Soliz.  We all now that his best chance is to take me down, but I’m ready for…for…what’s his name.  I’m not going to be no Chris Spicier, I’ll tell you that.

Bush Defeats Spicer at Legacy FC in July

One last thing, I want to thank everyone involved that helped me get this fight, including my new management at Made to Win.  Also, thank you to you guys at and to Adam Villarreal for all you guys do to help us fighters and to promote Houston MMA fighters. Oh and thank you to everybody at Legacy! I’m glad I get to fight again. Good or bad, hate me or love me, everybody wants to see me fight. “

This will be Young’s first fight at 185 after several previous attempts to do so have not worked out.

Bush’s stock in clearly climbing after his convincing win over the highly touted Chris Spicer. Now 2-0 as a pro, the BVMMA product looks to continue his winning ways on April 9 at the Houston Arena Theatre. Bush was not available for comment at the time of this writing.

Cantrell hinted that there could be the possibility of adding 1 or maybe even 2 more fights to the card, but wouldn’t share or even speculate as to who might be included in those possible new bouts.

UPDATE: can confirm that another bout has been added to the card. Patrick Greene will be squaring off against Mark Garcia as part of this card.