Breaking News: The Machine Gun vs The Mack Truck is on

Written By: Barry Laminack

(Houston, TX) – Word just came down from Mick Maynard at Legacy that the LONG anticipated fight between Artenas “The Machine Gun” Young and Jonathan “Mack Truck” Mack is going to happen at Legacy on April 9.

“Jonathan Mack vs Chico is confirmed for April 9,” Maynard told

Young was originally scheduled to fight Bubba Bush on April 9, but after getting a short notice fight with Shark Fights, he pulled out of the fight and was replaced by Andrew Craig.  That fight with Shark Fights fell through, leaving Young with out a fight at all.

Both fighters have already had SEVERAL battles in the media. It all started back in Jan of 2010 at a Lonestar Beatdown weigh in.  Young walked into the room and  announced “The champ is here!”

As soon as Mack heard this he began calling out Young. At the time, Mack was still an amateur and Young had just turned pro, so there was no way for a fight to happen.

During 2010 both fighters exchanged words several times on the radio, in multiple interviews and here in the comment sections of

The time for talk is over and now it’s time to step in the cage and settle it.

Just kidding, expect a TON of talk, starting now.

From Young:

” ‘The machine gun’ is going to be using the dump truck as target practice. Y’all better keep the ER open and tell him to bring a medic to the fight.  If JDF can do CPR good. I’m sorry it has to be him becasue it’s going to be ugly. Im pissed off now so good luck to him.”

From Mack:

“Ladies and gentlemen have you heard the news? Chico has finally found a 185er that’s not running from him. On the other hand, I wonder how much running Chico will do in the cage with ‘The Mack Truck’.”

Get your popcorn ready folks.