Breaking News: October Legacy Card Gets New Date has learned that the October 21 Legacy card has been moved back one day to October 22. The location of the event IS NOT changing and will still be held at the Verizon Wireless theater in downtown Houston.

The date change comes just a few days after Legacy released the initial card. No word on any changes to the card at this time, but when they happen we’ll keep you updated.

Mick Maynard shared with us the reason for the change. “Well, originally I wanted to schedule the fights on the 22nd, but I knew that was the same weekend Cody Phillips was having his wedding. I guess and figured that the wedding would be held on Saturday so I changed the date of the event to October 21.”

After talking with the state and the Verizon Wireless folks, Maynard moved it again.

“Once I found out that it really was on the 21st, I went ahead and moved it again, back to the original date of October 22, 2011.”

Maynard proves once again that we are lucky to have such a classy promoter in our home town.

In summary, (and for those of you who didn’t read the whole article) the October Legacy Amateur Series card has been moved to October 22, 2011. It will still take place at the Verizon Wireless theatre.

You can find the latest card here and a detailed breakdown and preview here.