Breaking News: Local Fighters Needed for Trip to Russia

AJ Hoffman, of the Houston MMA Examiner, is looking to fill a couple of slots for an MMA fight in Russia.

“I have been assigned with the nearly impossible task of finding 3 fighters who want to go to Russia, all expenses paid, to fight international MMA. Here is the catch. You would have to fly out around the 29th for a fight on the 2nd. Any of you wild men interested?” Hoffman said.

He added that they are looking for a fighter willing to fight at a weight between 195lbs and 215lbs. He also added, “…don’t have a name yet. $1500 win or lose.”

Obviously the fighter(s) must have a passport and be willing to make the trip.

Already agreed to go is Lex Pappas of Gold Team Houston.  At the time of this writing, 2 slots remain unfilled.

According to a txt from Hoffman, the promoters are flexible on weight class of the fighters.

Email AJ directly at if you are interested.