Breaking News: Ledet vs Villanueva?

Written By: Barry Laminack

Ledet delivers some ground and pound.

During our live broadcast of the Legacy Amateur Series card this past weekend, Submission Boxing’s Coach Frank paid us a visit. He shared with us some news that many in the city have been waiting to hear, that Justin Ledet and “Hurricane” Ike Villanueva will finally face each other inside the cage.

According to Coach Frank, the long awaited match up between two of the top 205’ers in Houston has been agreed to (BUT NOT YET SIGNED) and is slated to take place in January at IMKF.

“Number 1 vs number 2, we have to see that happen. He [Ike] called us out. He [Justin] was making a lot of money in boxing but he heard the call on TheCageDoor and he said ‘we gotta go fight him’,” Frank told us.

Ledet recently stepped away from MMA to pursue boxing and saw immediate success in the ring. He won his first fight defeating Tobias Rice via TKO in the 3rd round.

“Hurrican” Ike Villanueva throws a right hook

Villanueva had opposite results in his last fight. He dropped to 185 for the first time and face Larry Crowe at LFC 8. After a good first round, Crowe landed a head kick  that KO’ed Villanueva.

This fight has been brewing for a while now. Ike has enjoyed a good amount of success here in Houston at 205, including winning the IXFA light heavyweight title. That success has made him a target by many, including Ledet and his management. Ledet’s team wasn’t the only one’s asking for the fight as many a fan logged in to and posted comments about wanting to see it happen. Let’s hope the agreement turns into signatures, because if it does and the fight keeps the January schedule, we could be seeing fight of the year take place early in 2012.

What can you expect in this fight? Not much ground that’s for sure. Both guys are boxers at heart, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if we saw a stand up battle almost void of kicks, knees and elbows. Either way, and regardless of outcome, the clear winner in this one is the fans.