Breaking News: IXFA’s Future on Hold

Written By: Barry Laminack

The last 18 months in Houston MMA have been perhaps the best run the city and the scene has experienced in our short history. Part of that success can be attributed to great promotions that we have in this city, because you can’t have a first class MMA scene with out first class promotions. IXFA is that type of promotion.

These guys put on one hell of a show each and every time, and fans knew they would get their money’s worth when they went to the Verizon Wireless Theatre to see the IXFA fighters in action.

You can’t do what we do here at and not develop friendships with the guys you cover and work with on a daily and weekly basis, so it is with much dismay that we publish this exclusive press release from Scott Dawson and Chris Reed, the guys behind IXFA.

IXFA Press Release – Monday, June 27, 2011

IXFA has announced today that they will not be renewing their exclusive contract to hold Professional MMA Events at the Verizon Wireless Theater at downtown Houston.  “We’ve had a great time over the last year, but we were not able to get the show to where it needed to be financially viable.  Both Scott Dawson and I invested in a lot of money and time to try and make this happen.  We knew that due to the limited seating at Verizon Wireless Theater we would need to attract a good amount of corporate sponsorship to make a Pro MMA Event a success there, but we were unable to get it to where it needed to be,” says Chris Reed.

What’s next for IXFA?  “We will be around.  We aren’t going to shut down completely,” Scott Dawson reports emphatically.  “We have no scheduled shows but may return to some of the venues that we have done events at before in Louisiana or other cities whenever the situation is right.  Locally, we are going to throw our support behind Legacy Fighting Championships here in Houston.  We have developed a great relationship with Mick Maynard over the last year enjoying a very friendly rivalry.  We would like to support him and his shows at Legacy to keep getting bigger and better.  The Verizon Wireless Theater might not be able to support a Professional MMA event, but it will definitely be a great place for an Amateur Events and we are going to help support Mick in moving Legacy Amateurs into the VWT and make that a huge success that will continue to benefit the local MMA community.”

Anything Else?  Scott Dawson responds, “Well, since we aren’t promoting full time anymore….you might see one more fight out of the Celtic Tiger!   But, really we would like to thank everyone who came out to our events this year.  We had a blast and it was an honor to work with all the fighters and their gyms as wells as the the local media, sponsors, volunteers that puts their heart and soul into this…, MikeTheTruth, TXMMA, Fight Medics, ProFormance Guards,, Reverend Bart Stewart, Punkstar, Bubba Gilbertson, Whiteboi TV,  Dr. Shawn Holt at Crossfit Unity and Dr. Shannon Orsak at St. Michaels ER  and anyone else I might be leaving out but certainly don’t mean to….Barry Laminack…the hardest working man in MMA showbiz.”

I spoke briefly with Mick Maynard and he did confirm that they are in talks with the Verizon Wireless Theatre and could be holding amateur shows there in the near future. UPDATE: It is confirmed, Legacy will be holding shows there in the future.

Here are a few videos from the IXFA that you might enjoy.

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