Breaking News: HDNet Confirmed to Broadcast July Legacy Show

Written By: Barry Laminack has learned that Dallas based HDNet has confirmed they will be in the house and broadcasting the July Legacy card live.

The card was originally set to take place on July 16, but with HDNet confirming they will make the trip to Houston, the show has been moved to July 22 to accommodate the networks schedule.

“I’m hoping this takes Legacy to the next level, to the national level. I hope it does the same for Houston MMA as well,” Legacy President Mick Maynard said of the news.

“I think Houston MMA can be big, but we are not known yet. I feel like we are one of the top 5 MMA cities in the country. I believe we are up their with cities like San Jose, so I hope this helps us. I hope it helps people recognize our scene. It’s a single step, but it’s an exciting step,” Maynard added.

When asked if there are plans for more show, Maynard said, ” In many ways this is an audition for a long term relationship. I wouldn’t think they would come down here for just one show.”

No official word was given on what fights will be on the main card. The top 6 most likely fights to make it are:

Jesus Rivera vs Rey Trujillo
Jason David Frank vs Shawn Machado
Angel Huerta vs Steve Garcia
Chad Robichaux vs TBA
Frank Gomez vs Daniel Pineda
Carlo Prater vs Efrain Escudero (main event)

Tickets will go on sale soon at  I for one hope Houston MMA fans, both casual and die-hard alike, understand just how important it is to BE IN THE ARENA for the show. Think back to when you’ve seen other regional promotion’s shows and the crowds look thin. We are better than that and this is a chance for our city to shine and show the rest of the nation that Houston, Texas is an MMA city, and damn good one at that.