Breaking News: Flores to defend IXFA title against Bronzoulis

(Houston, TX) The originally scheduled title fight between Antonio Flores and Rashon Lewis has changed. The Texas Boxing Commission has stated that they will not sanction a 5 round title fight between the two fighters due to Rashon’s limited record.

“This is a very unfortunate situation for Rashon, he may have not have the amount of fights, but we certainly feel he has the skill level to compete in this caliber of a fight, and so do the fight fans,” said Chris Reed, IXFA match maker.

The IXFA has replaced Rashon in the title fight with his Paradigm teammate Mike Bronzoulis .

“Our first reaction was to at least keep the opportunity with the same gym and to keep Rashon on the card,” Reed said.

Rashon will face Blake McDaniels from Denton BJJ.

This fight is set to take place on the April 23rd IXFA show at Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie, Texas.