Breaking News: Cage Combat 5 Card Sneak Preview

Written By: Barry Laminack

Coming off the heels of an outstanding Cage Combat 4, the guys over at Garcia promotions didn’t rest on their laurels and have already started working on Cage Combat 5. Eric and Jace seem to be on a roll, as each show seems to be better than the previous. If Cage Combat 5 can top Cage Combat 4, Houston fight fans are in for a TREAT!

Jace Pitre told, “The last card we felt like it was a huge success. This card we wanted to try to top that, so we brought in more guys from out of the city, including some guys who have already fought for a title for us (like Sean Holden). Also guys we think might challenge for a title (ie Rob Wood from Lovatos BJJ). We want to top every card, that’s why we are bringing you 3 title fights including the much anticipated rematch between Jacob Silva and Joe Trevino!”

Headlining the card are THREE title fights, including a rematch between Jacob Silva and Joe Trevino. If you missed the last fight between these two you missed one hell of a fight. Trevino would win the fight and capture the Legacy 125lb title. Since then Silva has acquired his own title and will be putting it on the line vs Trevino.

Tony Orozco Jr. has earned a title shot and he’ll get it against the pound for pound #1 amateur fighter in the city in Colin Wright. Both of these fighters are on a roll and both of these guys have outstanding skills. This one could be a contender for fight of the year.

The final title fight will see G. Moreira battle Jared Perez. “G” has hinted to me that he would like to go pro next year, so he is looking to end the year on a positive note.

“Cage Combat 5 is shaping up to be the best Cage Combat Card yet. Every card that Jace and I have put together has been action packed and we are very pleased with the fighters that have participated in our Cage Combat series thus far,” said the man behind Garcia Promotions, Eric Garcia.

“After watching Cage Combat 4 just a few weeks ago, we didn’t think we could put on a better show, seems like we may have out did ourselves, but after putting together the fight card for Cage Combat 5, it looks like we might be proving ourselves wrong!!! This is going to be a great night of fights,” he added.

Cage Combat 5 is slated to take place on September 3, 2011, pending TDLR approval.

Here is the Card, also PENDING TDLR APPROVAL:

Jeremy Hunter (Kingwood MMA) VS. Brenner Jones (Submission Boxing Academy) – 160
Victor Russell (Cajun Karate + BJJ) VS. Patrick Ybarra (American Revolution) – 135
John Haydon (Kingwood MMA) VS. Eric Caminos (American Combative Systems)– 155
Abraham Lerma (Sons of Mayhem) VS. Charlie Ontiveros (De Leon Fight Club) – 170
Nelson Rodriguez (Silverback Fight Club) VS. Gary Bolton (Team Unleashed) – 170
James Gonzales (Silverback Fight Club) VS. Johnny Rodriguez (Fort Hood MMA) – 145
John Rodriguez (Silverback Fight Club) VS. Luiz Ibarra (Paradigm) –145
James Deherrera (Team Unleashed) VS. Carlos Jiminez (4 oz Fight Club) – 135
Ignacio Martinez (Silverback Fight Club) VS. Nick Woodard (Bushi Ban) – 145
Sean Holden VS. Rob Wood (LOVATO bjj)-– 170
Ryan Rivera (BAILOUT MMA) VS. Chas Liberty (Paradigm) – 160
Randy McCullough (BAILOUT MMA) VS. Ricardo Delgado (Paradigm) – 135
Terrell Henson VS. Omar Khosravi (American Combative Systems) – 170
Eric Thompson VS.Charley Witbeck (4 oz Fight Club) – 185
Jacob Silva (Silverback Fight Club) VS. Joe Trevino (4 oz Fight Club) – FLYWEIGHT TITLE
JARED PEREZ (American Revolution) VS. G. MOREIRA (Team Tooke) – WELTERWEIGHT TITLE