Breaking News: Bierschwale and Malbrough will settle the score


(Houston, TX) – Pat “The Bison” Bierschwale and John “The Maniac” Malbrough will be facing each other for a third time on May 14 at Lonestar Beatdown in Houston.  In their first meeting back at Lonestar Beatdown 12 (Sept 2009), the fight went the distance with Bierschwale earning the decision victory.  Later, at the first ever Legacy Muay Thai Card in April of this year, the fight again went the distance, but this time it was Malbrough earning the split decision victory.

What makes this match-up so fun to watch, is not just the fact that they are both talented and well rounded fighters, but are also friends outside the ring who have a ton of respect for each other.

“It’s funny how things work out.  Pat and I had talked about training with each other for this event, since we where facing two different opponents.”  Malbrough said.  “I was supposed to go out to Westside, but things just never worked out”.

When asked about the recent change in opponent, Bierschwale had this to say, “I was really disappointed when Ligon pulled out. Mick offered a fight with John, and I had mixed feelings about it.  We had just fought and we have been friends since our first match back in September.  I talked it over with John and he said it was up to me, he was cool with whatever decision I made.  I put some serious thought into it and one thing was clear: I just want to fight.  I let John and Mick know that the fight was on.  I can’t let our friendship get in the way of my goal of winning the middleweight title.”

This fight has all the making of fight of the night, and could end up being one of the better bouts fight fans see all year here in Houston.

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