Blodgett Out, Pineda In for 145lb Legacy FC Title

breaking_news has learned that Ray Blodgett will be unable to make his fight with Rey Trujillo for the 155lb title at Legacy FC on July 31, 2010 at the Arena Theater. Blodgett told that he had suffered 3 different injuries that will prevent him from holding a full fight camp, thus forcing him to back out of the fight and give up his title shot for the time being. “The fight will still happen, I just need to get better,” Blodgett said when asked about the future.

Stepping in to face Trujillo is veteran Houston fighter Daniel “The Pit” Pineda. Pineda brings an 11-7 record to the fight and is currently the number 4 ranked Featherweight in the city. Trujillo is the current Legacy FC Lightweight champion but has agreed to drop to Featherweight for the fight. has confirmed with Mick Maynard (President of Legacy FC) that this fight will be for the Legacy FC Featherweight title.

Pineda, who hasn’t fought in Houston in over 2 years, jumped at the chance when asked if he wanted to join the card and fight in front of his hometown. “I’m so excited to get this chance. When I heard I might have a chance to get on the card, I was willing to fight anyone.”

For Pineda, this fight is more than just a title shot. He admitted that the fight has a bit of revenge factor to it after fellow 4oz Fight Club team member and close friend Jesus Rivera lost to Trujillo back in March. “It’s a big part of it. I’ve wanted to fight him every since he beat Jesus.”

To that point, Trujillo is coming off what many consider to be one of the most entertaining fights in Houston MMA history. He and Jesus Rivera treated the fans to a 5 round war that saw Trujillo come out on top and capture the Lightweight title.

A natural 155 fighter, Trujillo says he’s not worried about making the cut to 145. “I’m not really worried because I don’t cut that much to get to 155. Besides, I fought Larry Garcia at 145 and I’ve also fought at 147 before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like cutting weight because it’s stressful; I prefer 155, but I can make 145.” He went on to add, “I’ll be at 155 or 160 for the fight. I put on 20 pounds and fought at 165 when I faced Garcia.”

Trujillo has amassed a stellar 7-1 record as a pro after going 4-0 as an amateur.

When asked if they had anything to say to one another, Pineda responded, “It’s going to be a good fight. When we fight, we both go at it and bring everything. I wish him good luck, because it’s going to be a war.”

Trujillo responded in kind by saying, “We are going to go out there and bang, so let’s put on a show.”