Anderson Leal returns to Houston

 Written By: Lance Edwards

Anderson "Cobra" Leal

Anderson Leal left Houston for Florida about a year ago, closing his school on Westheimer Road, with the intention of returning to Houston in the future. Following the completion of his business project in Florida, it’s good news for the Houston BJJ and judo scene that Leal has returned to teach in the Houston area.

Leal is a 3rd Dan in BJJ under Murilo Bustamante, and holds numerous competitive accolades in BJJ and judo, including winning the BJJ Pan Ams. Initially starting in judo, Anderson started training BJJ in 1991 to improve his newaza (groundwork), and went on to train with the legendary Carlson Gracie. In 2003, after winning the Mundials, he was promoted to black belt in BJJ on the podium by Bustamante. Notable judo accolades for Leal include 3 time Brazilian champion, competing at the world student Olympics, and winning the Summer Olympic festival. Leal came out of retirement to win second place in the US senior judo nationals in 2010 and competed in 2010 at the judo world championships.

Anderson is teaching at Revolution Dojo at 1224 Houston Ave on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 to 8:00 pm. Anderson’s former students will receive a discount on monthly memberships at the gym and he welcomes old and new students alike.