2011 Houston MMA Awards Show Cancelled Due to Lack of Support

Written By: Barry Laminack

We here at TheCageDoor.net regret to report that we have cancelled the 2011 Houston MMA Awards Show due to lack of support. With only 14 tickets sold, we could not justify the cost or expense necessary for us (and our partners) to hold the awards show live at Big Woodrows this year.

Our hope was to build up the awards show over the next couple of years so that it would draw more attention from the local news media (specifically radio and television). We felt like this attention would have provided even more exposure to our scene, the promotions, the fighters and the gyms.

Thank you to those of you that actually purchased tickets. We appreciate your support. Refunds will be issued starting today.

Also, later today we’ll be announcing the finalist for each awards and will announce the winners of our 2011 Houston MMA Awards later this week.