MLB All Star Jay Bruce Adding MMA To His Regimen

MLB All Star Jay Bruce is from Beaumont, TX, and he played high school baseball with another Beaumont athlete who has made quite a name for himself. American Top Team-Beaumont’s Cody Williams. Recently the two have gotten back into touch, and Bruce is in town for the offseason. The two decided that Bruce coming down and training at ATT could be beneficial to his baseball game.

The Cincinnati Reds outfielder was at the gym Wednesday night getting in some work. “I am mostly just punching bags and pads at this point,” Bruce said. “I have been interested in it for a while because of Cody. I can’t say that I will actually start training for it, but it is awesome for my conditioning. I like the boxing stuff, and I am definitely looking forward to learning some technique.”

Bruce thinks that the training regimen works on some things that translate to his game. “All the rotational stuff. It will make me more limber, more flexible. I also think the balance stuff will help out too. There is a lot of stuff that can make me better on the field.”

Apparently, this isn’t just a one time thing for Bruce. He fully intends on making a habit of getting down to the gym this offseason. “I am definitely going to be back in there. It truly is a great workout. You get a great cardio workout without even thinking about it. You are thinking about everything you are learning, and by the time you are done you realize you just had a great workout. The endurance and stuff is going to be a bonus to everything I am learning about this stuff.”