Interview: James Powell

“I don’t like game plans. I do best when I just go out there to kick ass and put on a show.”

James Powell


Interview by: AJ Hoffman


Fight Science’s James Powell’s record may sit at 1-2, but he has been in there with some extremely tough competition. After decision losses to Pat Bierschwale and Charlie Ontiveros (sandwiching a win over John Paul Moreno), Powell will face Richard Perez at Legacy Amateur Series on Saturday night. We had a chance to talk to James leading up to the fight.

TCD: Talk a little bit about your background. How and when did you get into fighting?

Powell: I was always in and out of the gym with the urge to train for MMA. I finally walked in to Three Pillars BJJ in 2007 and was hooked. There was a good group with an excellent trainer, Shane Zeringue. Shane moved off about two and half years later and I went solo for awhile, matting out the garage, buying lots of gear and still competing in tournaments as often as I could. About a year ago I meet Brian Georges through a friend of mine that is a pro fighter. He was telling me he really helped him out with his stand up. I got his number, called him and since have been training hard on boxing. I even signed up for a couple of amateur boxing matches with intent to do more.

TCD: What do you do when you aren’t in the gym?

Powell: I work at Mammoet USA in Rosharon as a purchase manager and juggle two daughters. I have a  7 year old active in sports and a 19 month old soon to be. All of my time is tied up in work, family, and training.

TCD: Fight Science isn’t well known in Houston. Talk about the gym a little and tell us what you guys have going on down there in Angleton.

Powell: The name is new but will stick. We have about 10 guys steady and more checking in and out. We should be expanding soon. Plan on seeing more Fight Science Fighters on cards from now on and these guys will get Houston familiar with Fight Science and other fighter from Brazoria County. 

TCD: You have fought some fierce competition, having dropped decisions to Pat Bierschwale and Charles Ontiveros. How do you think fights against such good opponents has helped you?

Powell: I like tough fights and what I have learned fighting fierce opponents is that I am a fierce competitor myself. Even though the fight went to a decision loss, it was my fault. I have the tools and what it takes to win all my fights.

TCD: You have had at least one opponent change in preparation for this fight. Has it changed how you have prepared, and what do you know about your opponent?

Powell: My goal in training is to do better where ever the fight goes and have good cardio. 90 percent of all my fights have changed in the last two weeks. I don’t like game plans. I do best when I just go out there to kick ass and put on a show. I remember Richard from a while back and think he has been training as long I have. I don’t know much about him and haven’t looked into it. I’m just going to keep training.

TCD:  Is fighting something you are looking to do professionally at some point?

Powell: My plan is to climb to the top of my division and fight pro. I’m just not sure if it will be at 170 or 155.

TCD:  What is your prediction for this fight?

Powell: I think hands will fly and it will not go to judges. Of course my hand being raised at the end.

TCD: Do you have anything else you want to mention or anyone you want to thank?

Powell: I would like to thank Shane Zeringue (Three Pillars bjj), Brian Georges (Fight Science boxing), Tony Orozco (SilverBack), Thomas Salinas (bjj), Mammoet (support), wife (sometimes), and all the people who have helped train and fund for fights. Also want to give a special mention to Super Picks, Bonehead Graphics, Fox Reporting, Advanced Nutrition, and Pisces Designs.