Interview: Ryan “Riptide” Hollis

“My plan is to get the win over Alex, get a couple more fights and get a title shot at the amateur belt.”

Ryan “Riptide” Hollis

Interview by: Lance Edwards


Ryan Hollis comes into his fight at Legacy Amateur Series this weekend with four official wins and one loss. Fighting out of Hard Hitters gym, caught up with Ryan to find out a bit more about him and his thoughts on the upcoming bout with Alex Ramirez from Bushi Ban.

Photo courtesy: Ryan Hollis

TCD: How’s preparation going?

Ryan: It’s going good, I’m excited and ready to get in the cage. It will be great to fight at the Verizon Wireless, it’s a great venue and makes fighting a whole lot easier.

TCD: So this is your sixth fight?

Ryan: Well nine overall I guess, I fought three smokers before as well, but sixth official.

TCD: How did you get started?

Ryan: Well I used to train at different gyms as I moved. When I moved to Dallas I trained at a Kempo gym, when I moved to Houston I trained in Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing. I was four foot two until the eleventh grade. My mom put me in martial arts classes because I got bullied a lot. I got in a couple of fights and got the better of the guys and thought it was a good thing to continue to do. My family and friends suggested I continue and compete as well. I like it; it’s what I need really.

TCD: You are with the Hard Hitter Gym at the moment, how long have you been there?

Ryan: I’ve been here three to four months, but affiliated with them a lot longer. I was based in Galveston, and then I started training with Mr. Charles. The guys I was with before weren’t that interested, but my team members will be there with me this Saturday to support me.

TCD: Any predictions?

Ryan: Not really, you never know what will happen. I want to keep it standing and put on a great fight for the fans. I want everyone to remember me. I want people to want to see me fight again. One thing I’ll say is that I’m coming to bang.

TCD: So what else do you do, do you work?

L to R: Ryan Hollis, Charles Ontiveros

Ryan: This is my job, I’m lucky that I have friends and team mates behind me who help me out. A lot of guys have kids, or work, I don’t, I just go to training and go home and relax and then go back to training again. This is all I do and all I surround myself with. It gives me an advantage over other guys.  Everyone training wants to not work, I know it will work out for me.

TCD: So you’re taking your time going pro?

Ryan: My plan is to get the win over Alex, get a couple more fights and get a title shot at the amateur belt. I’d like to get the Garcia promotions belt as well, and when I have them both I’ll go pro. A fights a fight whether it’s amateur or pro, it’s the same preparation. At the moment I can take my time because people help me out.  I’m just so pumped to get in there.

TCD: Which promotion did you fight at before?

Ryan: East Texas MMA, it’s Charles Ontiveros’ promotion at the Reservation. They actually had their sixth event on Saturday; I didn’t fight in it because I was doing this. The event has helped me get through my cage jitters, now when I get in the cage I feel like I’m sparring; the experience gives me the edge.

TCD: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Ryan: Charles Ontiveros and my team mates for helping me train; also Legacy for giving me the chance to fight on their card. I want to fight for them again and end up fighting as a pro for them, so I’m really pleased to be fighting.  Other than that I can’t think off the top of my head, but definitely my team, the way we train, I feel that I’m ready for everything.