Interview: Rey “The Truth” Trujillo

People are there to see me put on a show and the KO of the night is putting on a good show.”


Rey “The Truth” Trujillo

Interview and Photos by: Richard Burmaster

There are few things in this life that attack with the pace of Rey Trujillo. From the moment the bell rings Rey is on the hunt throwing whatever it takes to hurt his opponent. His assault does not relent until you do. No one has been able to stop his attack yet and no one has figured out the key to beating him. Coming into this title fight Saturday Rey is still unbeaten as a pro, add to that he was unbeaten as an amateur and you have quite a win streak on your hands. TCD caught up with Rey at his sparring session last week with Paradigm and slowed down the champ long enough to answer some questions.

TCD.Net: How did you get started in MMA?

Rey: I was always fighting outside of MMA and had always watched UFC. I got tired of hearing people say “Man you should do that” , eventually my Dad told me I would be good at it and that I should give it a try. I wanted to make my Dad proud so I dove in headfirst

TCD.Net: Did you participate in sports before that?

Rey: I played football on the varsity team as well as basketball and track. I was always active. Football helped to prepare me and how to train hard.

TCD.Net: You recently moved to Paradigm from Metro, what brought on this change of camps?

Rey: Originally I started at Bushi Ban, I have always cross trained with them even when I was at Metro, and they will always be my home. I believe if you stay at one place to long you stop developing, so I try to cross train whenever I can

TCD.Net: Do you get a different challenge here at Paradigm?

Rey: It’s a different type of program here and we spar a lot. I spared a lot at Metro as well, I get to work with some great teammates here like Mike B, Jeff, Tim, and Brian and working with some of the best guys in the state really makes a difference. Coming here has helped me to change things up and hopefully keep my body from getting adapted to the workouts.

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TCD.Net: Ralph Macchio or Jayden Smith as the Karate Kid?

Rey: I have not seen the new one but I am a fan of the old one, plus he was bigger than the new one, looked like he could stomp the new guy down. The new one did have a good looking kick on the promotional flyer though.

TCD.Net: Macchio or Hillary Swank?

Rey: I’m going to go with Swank.

TCD.Net: Would you rather have the Fight of the Night award or the Submission of the Night?

Rey: That’s a tough one. I would rather have the won that paid the most , and neither pays a bonus right now, gonna need to talk to Mick about that . I would say Submission of the night, fight of the night usually means you had a tough fight through all the rounds, with the submission of the night you probably took less damage and its about time for me to start getting some subs on my record.

TCD.Net: Submission of the night or KO of the night?

Rey: KO most definitely, People are there to see me put on a show and the KO of the night is putting on a good show.

TCD.Net: Your last fight was a 3 round battle with Jesus Rivera that many have called the best fight the city of Houston has seen; did you know during the fight that you were part of something special?

Rey: I knew it was going to be a good fight, I thought I should have finished him in the second round, I had issues with training camps and behind the scenes stuff and I can usually finish people when I have them dazed. He has a great heart and a good chin but I had an after party to attend and I should not have let the fight go that long.

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TCD.Net: What sets you apart from the other fighters in your weight class?

Rey: I would say the things I have been through in life, I have been through a lot. I may not have been training as long as others but that doesn’t mean I was not out there building character that helped to mold me into a champion. I have had some hard times from prison, to almost dying, a lot of different things that really made my skin tough. I averaged two fights a week until I turned 24, when I started training that dropped down to none. I have gained a lot of discipline.

TCD.Net: Will that tough skin from your past help you to stay the champion?

Rey: Most definitely. Had I been training since I was 15 then I would have missed out on a lot of life, I would have missed out on a lot of the stupid things I did but those things are what made me tough and helped me to open my eyes to the world.

TCD.Net: Tell us about your match-up with Daniel Pineda?

Rey: Daniel is a good guy and a good fighter, he has been around for awhile and is considered a veteran. He has a lot of fights under his belt and my hats off to him but this is my time right now. I believe he had his time and maybe he didn’t capitalize on it. I do well under pressure and I have a lot from all the people I bring to the fights as well as my clothing line and music.

TCD.Net: Your on the upcoming Strikeforce card, how much does it mean to you to be on the biggest card to come to Houston?

Rey: Its everything I have been working for, I perform great under pressure so I feel more sorry for my opponent in front of 10,000 people because the pressure will be applied to them in the form of pain. I have to get through this first one and take care of business.

TCD.Net: Anyone you would like to thank?

Rey: First id like to thank Jehovah god and Jesus Christ, and all my friends and family that support me!!! Then I’d like to thank all my sponsors : A&K Industrial, Jackie’s Brick House Pizza, HVAC Environmental Services, Emiliano’s Bar, Guidry’s, The Wing Factory, and Franchise Sports!!!!! Last but not least all my team mates at Bushi Ban (Fighters Elite) and Paradigm!!!!!!!