Interview: Raul Rodriguez

“I want to be one of the best, pound for pound, and build my legacy!”


Raul Rodriguez


Interview by: Eric Hostetter

TCD: How did you get started in MMA?

Raul Rodriguez: Well, one of my cousin’s lives over in this area (Sugarland), and he told me to come over to see if I would like to train for MMA over at Sugarland MMA. So I did, it only took one day of training for me to get hook. I signed up shortly thereafter and I’ve been here ever since.

TCD: Did you have any kind of background in combat sports?

Raul: No, but I always wanted to try out boxing. But since I am training and competing in MMA, it kind of evens itself out.

TCD: So since this is your fourth fight overall, what does it mean to you to be fighting again for Legacy, but this time at the Arena Theater?

Raul: Man, I am so excited to fight there. I think it is my favorite venue by far. Don’t get me wrong, I liked fighting at the House of Blues and up at the Humble Civic Center, but the way the Arena Theater is laid out, it feels like everyone is on top of you. It’s cool.

TCD: Right on. I think I can agree with you there.

What can we expect see you showcase in this fight, as opposed what you have previously done in earlier fights?

Raul: I have worked on my wrestling and my hands. I also plan to be a little more aggressive than I have been.

TCD: What can you tell us about your opponent, Omar Hillail?

Raul: All I know is that he is some beast kid out of Gracie Barra. That about all I know.

TCD: What do you anticipate for him to bring at you in this match?

Raul: I know he is going to be aggressive, as am I going to be right back at him.

TCD:  Do you see this fight being more of a standup kind of match or being on the ground more?

Raul: It does not really matter to me. I am going to fight him hard, and be comfortable, regardless of where it goes. I’m not a wrestler and I know he is going to attempt to take me down a lot. I’m comfortable in working off my back, but also stuffing takedowns as well.

TCD: What would you be a long, or short, term goal of yours in MMA?

Raul: Well I want to be one of the best pound for pound and build my legacy! I guess that would be a short tem goal.

A long term goal would be something along the lines of open up my own gym. I call it “Qouites” and help keep kids of the streets and help out!

TCD: Very admirable. Good luck in your future endeavors. Is there anyone out there that you would like to thank?

Raul: I’d like to give a shout out to all of my teammates and coaches that have been helping me train. Chad, Rich, Sijin, Edgar Gonzalez, Chris, everyone that I may have forgotten to mention… Thank you all for your help!

TCD: Thank you for your time Raul. Good luck in your match.