Interview: Randy McCullough

“I want the belt and that’s what I’m going for.”

Randy McCullough

Interview and Photos by: Lance Edwards

Working full time, raising a family and training to fight in MMA is not an easy balance in life. It takes a lot of perseverance and hard work to fight as well as support a family. Randy McCullough is just one of the fighters on the local scene who chooses to undertake this challenge. Thanks for the interview Randy, how is training going?

Randy: Training’s going well, I started a new job laying brick, which is actually working as some strength and conditioning work for me. I’m also at the gym, training sparring, I do strength and conditioning there too. When you refer to ‘the gym’, what gym do you mean?

Randy: I train out of Windy with Jermaine and Bobby Powers. Training usually consists of Muay Thai, we warm up a bit, run drills, spar, do MMA and juijitsu; spend some time on submissions, we spar, do stand up drills. I’m lucky I get a lot of one on one time, they’re very generous. How long have you been training?

Randy: I’ve been training for one and a half years off and on, I got really serious at Windy, training every day, and eating right. Do you have any other background in sport?

Randy: Well I did a little wrestling in High School, but it wasn’t serious. I’ve entered a few jui jitsu tournaments, the first one I entered I got first place. Do you have any other interests other than MMA?

Randy: Interests? Well I have a wife and two kids, when I’m not working or training I spend all my time with them. I’m really a family man, so really just like to spend any other time I have with my family. Are you originally from the Houston area?

Randy: I’m from Bryan born and raised. So after this fight what’s next?

Randy: I’m looking to move to 125lbs, this will be my last fight at 135lbs. If I win this fight I’d really like to get a title shot at 125lbs. I want the belt and that’s what I’m going for.  Obviously if I don’t get a shot at the title I’ll take another fight, but the title is what I have my sights set on. I’ve had three fights before, my first I lost to Rodrigo Rodriguez by second round sub, then I lost to Jimenez and I won the next. Anyone you’d like to thank?

Randy: I’d like to thank Bobby, Jermaine, Robert Olsen, Pain Theory clothing, SHK Masonry, Do Not Revive clothing, Windy MMA and for the interview.

Following the interview Randy left me a message for someone else he’d like to thank, however I haven’t managed to get hold of him to confirm who it was.