Interview: Pete Spratt

“It’s finish or be finished for me, this fight’s not going to the cards”

Pete Spratt

Interview by: Lance Edwards

Pete Spratt has been around MMA a long time, having his first professional fight in 1999. Pete will be fighting his forty-third fight at Legacy FC 7. One of the most successful MMA fighters in Texas, Pete appeared on season four of TUF and has recently been fighting in MFC where he recently showed he can still put on a good fight, losing by decision to Marcus Davis.

TCD: How did you get started?

Pete: Well I started training off season in karate, kickboxing and boxing to stay in shape. I was playing football in college at the time. A couple of my friends were fighting and they convinced me to take a fight, and I never looked back. When I took my first fight I was living in Sherman, Tx and was still in school in Oklahoma, but I did most of my training in Dallas.

TCD: Who are the main coaches you’ve had?

Pete: Well I’ve trained with Saekson Janjira, Yves Edwards, Saul Soliz, they were my main coaches.

TCD: Chris Brennan told you he rates you as one of the best standup coaches, and that he moved to Dallas to be near you.

Pete: Chris and I had trained and we had talked for years about doing more training together and doing that, unfortunately after he moved I moved to San Antonio, so it didn’t work out.

TCD: How was the move to San Antonio?

Pete: it’s good, it’s a nice city, it has all the amenities of a big city with the small town feel.

TCD: You were on TUF 4, how was that experience for you?

Pete: The experience sucked, the good thing looking back was being able to focus on training without any distractions. The thing was that we had already been there, we were already fighting and knew what we needed to do, so the restrictions seemed a bit over the top and not necessary. We didn’t really need to have been treated like newbies. I was familiar with the guys in there and I made a couple of good friendships in  there.

TCD: Who did you make friends with?

Pete: Well, Shonie Carter. I also got along well with Mikey Burnett and Travis Lutter .

TCD: You are coming off a decision loss to Marcus Davis in MFC, how do you feel about that fight?

Pete: It was a good fight, a tough fight and it could have gone either way.

TCD: I hear you’ve been working on your ground game.

Pete: Yes with my friend Rodrigo Pinheiro, we have a gym together. He’s been working with me on my jiujitsu and I helped him with his standup.

TCD: Have you got any good fighters coming up at your school?

Pete: Yes, we just had Aaron Rosa fight Joey Beltran in the UFC. We have a couple of pros and a few amateurs coming up as well.

TCD: You’ve had about forty fights, so how is it going into this one?

Pete: Well what you’d expect having had forty fights, it’s just another fight against a young guy with less fights trying to make a name off me.

TCD: You’re still fighting, do you have any plans to stop?

Pete: Why should I, why stop? I’m coming off an exciting fight against a tough opponent that has recently left the UFC and put on a great performance. I’ll keep fighting until I cant anymore.

TCD: Are you hoping to get back to the UFC?

Pete: Well it would be good to get back there, but if not I’m happy where I am, being employed by MFC and now I have this fight with Legacy as well. Stylistically I’m an exciting fighter, that’s why I’ve been able to keep going as I have, that’s why I can still get fights.

TCD: In over forty fights you have rarely gone to a decision, is that what you expect for this fight?

Pete: It’s finish or be finished for me, this fight’s not going to the cards, my experience will play a role and hopefully I’ll get the victory.