Interview: Patrick Hutton

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“I’m gonna try to use my speed and power to move and try to catch him and knock him out.”

Patrick Hutton


Interview by: AJ Hoffman


Patrick Hutton is now 3-3 as a professional mixed martial artist. He is coming off a loss at the last Legacy show against Noel Ligon. Things won’t get any easier for “Bam Bam” as he takes on fast rising middleweight prospect Bubba Bush at Legacy FC 10. We had a chance to talk to Patrick, and see how things are going as he prepares for this big fight.

TCD: First of all Patrick, how are you feeling as you get ready for Legacy 10?

Hutton:  I am feeling great. I am always gonna prepare to be ready.  Cardio is great and I am not banged up, which is hard to not be when you’re training for a fight.

TCD: The layoff between your last two fights was the longest one you have had as a pro. Why did you take so much time between fights, and are you excited to get in so quickly after your last bout?

Hutton: A lot of people dont know, but  about 2 weeks after I ripped my bicep off the bone in April against Pat B., I had my L5 disc break off my vertebrae and sink right into my syadic nerve which was the worst pain ever. I walked around with that for about 2 months before I had back surgery to get it removed.  If you remember seeing me walk around with a cane with the boxing glove on it that was why.  So I had to heal and rebuild from the surgeries.  Yes, I am excited to get back in so quick because I am in great shape and I didnt really take any punishment in the last fight. I just got caught, so I figured I might as well fight since I am in fight shape.

TCD: Talk about your background as a fighter. Give us a little run through on how Patrick Hutton the fighter came to be.

Hutton: Well, I used to box when I was a kid and when you’re a kid you want to play and do everything so I played a lot of sports.  I played college football and semi pro and some pro rugby. When I got tired of I that started boxing again and winning toughman tournaments and was the last guy to win the Houston Middleweight Championship before they got banned.  Then I had a chance to be on the first Contender so I went to George Foreman Youth Center for help and ended up getting back into boxing from there.  I then started just teaching it at Rising Sun Karate owned by Jason Frank.  I was dating a girl that I was going to ask to marry me, and I’m a Special Education Teacher. When I saw the ring she picked out, it cost $10,000. I started laughing and knew I could get that kind of money fighting again. Plus, being a partner with Jesus Didnt Tap, I wanted to be a person who is part of a clothing line that fights.

TCD: Where all are you training these days? Last time we spoke you said you were having a hard time finding guys your size. Is that remedied?

Hutton:  I do most of my training at Rising Sun Karate, but I am greatfull and blessed to have so many people offer to help me.  I honestly get stuck training for all my fights about 90% of the time by myself hitting bags etc.  But this time I have had a lot of great guys that have offered me help and worked with me. I have had some of the guys from Silver Back help me, Bobby, Mick Maynard and all the guys over at 4 oz have been great when I can get over there and Travis Tooke let me come in when Andrew Craig offered to help me train. Jon Kirk has been coming over to Rising Sun and working with me a bunch. Jason Frank helps me when he can and Ron Kaufman, a good friend of mine, always works mitts with me.  I am TRULY GRATEFUL to anyone who has helped me for any of my 7 fights.  It’s really hard for me to train, because I’m not really a full time fighter. I work two jobs, which is not an excuse, because I know that when I sign the contracts to fight. I just love to compete and fight.  I’m a Special Education teacher who works with kids with Autisim during the day and then I teach boxing classes at Rising Sun so my training window is only about an hour and a half a day. I make the best of it.

TCD: Talk about your relationship with George Foreman. How did that come to be and how often are you in communication with him?

Hutton: George Foreman is one of my best friends. I love Mr. Foreman.  He is always there for me for what ever I need. He is my preacher, my mentor and a great friend.  I am so blessed to have Mr. Foreman as my friend. He is such a beautiful person and I am grateful to have him in my life.  Everyone knows who he is because of what he has accomplished, but I have been blessed to get to be his friend and know him as a person. I used to box out of his youth center and then I started attending his church to change my life and Mr. Foreman baptised me. I have been friends with him ever since and our friendship has grown over the years.  I talk to him all the time. I dont really keep count but we communicate all the time weather we text, email, or talk in person when I see him.

TCD: What do you think went wrong for you in the Ligon fight?

Hutton:  I got caught. Noel is a really good, well rounded fighter and I made a mistake and left my head out there. He made me pay for it.

TCD: Your opponent for this fight, Bubba Bush, is on a bit of a hot streak. What tools do you feel you have to counteract what he does?

Hutton: Bubba is a great fighter and a really nice guy.  I like Bubba and his coaches. They are really cool when I am around them and when I talk to him.  I was actually asked to fight him a long time ago and I told Mick no because I like him and that there were other guys that I didn’t know that I would rather fight.  I have been doing this for almost 3 years and by now I know everyone and like everyone so now I gotta fight guys I know or I would never be able to fight. Plus I want to fight the best out there, and Bubba is one of the best.  Bubba is a great wrestler and a really big, strong guy, so it’s no secret I’m gonna try to use my speed and power to move and try to catch him and knock him out. Hopefully not let him do what he does best which is use his wrestling to pin you into the cage and pound you into the ground.

TCD: Your record is back to .500 as a pro, how important is it for you to get a win in this fight?

Hutton: It’s important to win every fight, but that ain’t the case. This is MMA and no one  goes undefeated.  I will train and go out and try my best to get the win and do what I have to do win.  I do this for fun and I like to fight and make money.  This is not my career and I don’t really let the record, rankings, or stats bother me.  I would rather fight 10 good fighters and be 0-10 then fight 10 tomato cans and be 10-0 because I know down in my heart I didnt take the easy way out. I stepped up to the plate and I can look myself in the mirror because I know I did my best and tried my hardest.  I do this for myself and my fans to compete and test myself and be able to say that I am. Fighting is the hardest, scariest sport in the world.  Just because you buy a Tap Out shirt, rent a UFC pay per view or play the video game, you have no clue of what it takes until you step into that cage in front of family, friends etc.  Thats why I do it! Because 99% of the world can’t.

TCD: You have any sponsors or anyone you want to give some thanks to?

Hutton: Yes, I always want to thank people. First of all Jesus for giving me the ability to do this and stay healthy,  my family, all my friends, people I work with at Cambridge School, Jason Frank and Rising Sun Karate family and students, Mick Maynard and everyone at Legacy for giving me the opportunity to fight in one of the best leagues in the country, everybody who ever helped me train for any of my fights (they know who they are), Dr. Jerry Miles foot and ankle center, John Altic Reality, Champions Data Solutions, Lone Star Extremities, Bull Shirts, Bull Prints, Mega Fluids, Martech, Specialties LLC, Chiron Communication Services, LLC, Kaufman and Associates, Montana’s Saloons, Rodney Poole Agency and Jesus Didnt Tap. Thank you Cage Door for taking the time for this article.  If I forgot anyone I am truly sorry.


Legacy FC 10 takes place Friday night and can be seen live on HDNet.

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