Interview: Patrick Greene

“I’ve been working on everything. I think you’re going to see a much more active fighter.”

Patrick Greene

Interview by: Lance Edwards

I’m always surprised when I interview some fighters as to their depth of personality. Patrick Green is a fighter with a lot of depth, well spoken and charismatic, Patrick is the epitome of an intelligent fighter, who trains hard.

TCD: How’s training going?

Greene: Training’s going well, I’ve been working on everything, a lot of ground, standup and transitioning from standup to the ground, and from the ground to standup. I think that you’re going to see a much more active fighter.

TCD: You lost your last fight against John Marlborough, what did you think about that fight?

Greene: You know it didn’t go as I was expecting. I won the first round, and in the second I didn’t pop up as fast as I needed to, he got on top of me and finished the fight. I wasn’t hurt, but it was disappointing.

TCD: You are a fighter who is in excellent physical condition, is that something you really focus on?

Greene: Not really, that’s not a major part of my training. I’ve been training for a while, and the physical conditioning just came with that.

TCD: How long have you been training?

Greene: In terms of Muay Thai and jujitsu, the MMA game, six and a half years.  I started doing martial arts as a kid, and I’ve been physically active since then.

TCD: I know you train with Jeff Messina, is he your main coach?

Greene: Actually Dr. Joe McDaniel is my first coach and he has a really broad grounding in the martial arts. Joe’s school is Warrior Martial Arts, there’s a boxing influence but we train heavily in Muay Thai, Savate, a little ground and even some Fillipino Arts, which most people in MMA don’t know much about; we train Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Jeff and I met in Louisina, and I went to his gym to study Brazilian JuJitsu. Joe’s school is mainly a standup gym, so it helps me get well rounded going to Revolution.

TCD: How’s this fight going to go?

Greene: I’ve been thinking about that, I’m comfortable on the ground as well as doing standup. I’ve been training a little over three years with Jeff. Im happy to standup, but if I want to get it over and done with I’ll take it to the ground, but really what happens I’ll determine when it comes to it.

TCD: So after this fight, what’s next?

Greene: I’ll keep on training. I’ve actually started training with my extended family over at Paradigm. Those guys are tough, and it’s one of the best schools around to learn MMA. You’re going to see me in more fights, I haven’t been active fighting over the last three years or so, but I’d like to see where it will take me.

TCD: Do you have any other interests?

Greene: Martial arts are one of my favorite things, but I do have other interests. I’m an artist, which a lot of people don’t know about me, I like philosophy; I’m mechanical, I like to fix things, in fact I have a patent right now and I’m working on another one. I like a lot of other things as well, but my heart belongs to the martial arts. When I practice I like to do so analytically. A move can have lots of varaiations, I think it really helps to find out where it came from, if you discover the root, it makes it easier.

TCD: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Greene: My coaches, Jeff, the guys at revolution, Joe McDaniel, my extended family at Paradigm, of course my girlfriend Monica who puts up with my training. All my family and friends, I have a lot of support behind me.