Interview: Noel Ligon

“I certainly have aspirations to compete in the UFC one day.”

Noel Ligon


Interview by: AJ Hoffman


Unbeaten Noel Ligon is looking to push his record to 4-0 with a win over the extremely tough Sam Mohamad at IMKF 2 on Saturday night. Ligon trains under Houston MMA legend Tim Mousel. We had a chance to talk to him about that, as well as the upcoming fight.

TCD: You have made a big splash on the scene here recently. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been training and what is your background?

Ligon: As a child, I was always interested in Martial Arts and took Karate for a brief period. I began boxing around 18 yrs old and eventually transitioned over to MMA when I started training at Mousel’s Self Defense Academy a few years back. 

TCD: What do you do besides training and fighting? What is outside the cage life like for you?

Ligon: Usually working at my job, Into Action Recovery Center, and trying to catch up, when I can, with my family and friends.

TCD: Talk about training with Tim Mousel and the gym you guys train at. Do you see it as a gym that could produce more fighters in the future?

Ligon: Absolutely. Tim’s Academy is a great place for training and certainly has the ability to produce more fighters. We have a great group of guys there and working with Tim Mousel and his assistant instructors: Pat Swan, Daniel Arola and Stanley Phillips along with all my training partners at Mousel’s Self Defense Academy has been a great experience. I have grown so much as a fighter through all their guidance. 

TCD: You really impressed at the last Legacy show, defeating Patrick Hutton. Did it bother you to see Hutton get the fight against Bubba Bush next month, knowing a win over Bubba could really boost your standings?

Ligon: My focus, right now, is on my next opponent Sam Mohamed.

TCD: Talk about Sam a little. How do you feel the two of you matchup? Where do you feel like you have the advantage in this fight?

Ligon:  I think it will be a good fight. Sam is a veteran fighter and has good stand-up. I believe it will be a challenging fight in all aspects.

TCD: Last time at IMKF you won a tight decision over Edgar Verdin, but you looked like a different guy at Legacy. Do you see yourself improving at a rapid pace?

Ligon: I always look to improve and just to do my best. I hope to continue to grow and to put on better performances every time out.

TCD: Where do you see yourself, as a fighter, 2 years from now? Do you have UFC aspirations?

Ligon: I hope to continue to improve in all areas personally and professionally and certainly have aspirations to compete in the UFC one day.

TCD: Anyone you want to mention or thank?

Ligon: I want to thank Tim Mousel, Pat Swan, Daniel Arola, Stanley Phillips, Jose Luis Vazquez and Tony Giammatteo for all their guidance and instruction. My training partners Jason Wisser, Ky Cooksey, Martin White, Bryan Greer and Ryan Baker for all their hard work and assistance, along with, Bobby Benton and Bobby Flores for letting us work in with their fighters to prepare for this bout. Samuel Gratz and Jake Latimer for the opportunity to compete in their promotion and also my friends, coworkers and family for their love and support. I certainly could not be doing what I am without them. Thank you.