Interview: Mark “Kant Get Right” Garcia

“…a fights a fight, it doesn’t matter if it’s short notice for me, it’s just part of everyday life for me.”

Mark “Kant Get Right” Garcia

Interview by: Lance Edwards

Mark Garcia is coming off two losses, to both John Marlborough and Alex Morano. He took BOTH fights on 24 hours notice after hearing about the need for a fighter via, at the Legacy Weigh Ins. That’s right, we posted on the site that Mick and crew were looking for a 170lb fighter to step in, and both times Mark answered the call.

Having fought two tough opponents previously, and he’s not taking it easy this time against Patrick Green of Revolution Dojo. They are set to square off at Legacy FC on April 9th at the Houston Arena Theatre. Following his fight with Morano, Garcia left 4oz Fight Club and found a new home at Kingwood MMA. I talked with Mark about his progression as a fighter and what keeps him going.

TCD: How’s training been going?

Mark: I’ve been training with Kingwood MMA, and it’s actually going really well. We do lots of sparring, and I’ve really improved in a lot of aspects.

TCD: Where do you feel your games improved the most?

Mark: Well I have to say I’ve improved the most in my ground game including my ground defense.  My stand up is also actually a lot better, but it’s on the ground I’ve improved the most.

TCD: You fought John Marlborough previously, and now you guys are training together. How is it going from being opponents to training partners?

Mark: Actually it’s the same, we train and spar hard. Every time we spar it’s like that fight all over again, we spar like we are having a fight, so it’s good preparation really.

TCD: You went into your last fight with Alex Morono with a rib injury. How are the ribs?

Mark: They’re fine, I take kicks and punches on them all day, I’m totally healed.

TCD: Do you regret taking that fight?

Mark: No I don’t regret it, I wanted that fight. It would have been better if I hadn’t gone in injured, but every win and loss is a learning experience and I have to take out of it what I can.

TCD: Both of your pro fights have been taken on short notice, doesn’t that bother you?

Mark: No, a fights a fight, it doesn’t matter if it’s short notice for me, it’s just part of everyday life for me.

TCD: Do you work as well as train?

Mark: No, all I do is train.

TCD: Isn’t that hard financially?

Mark: Yes its hard getting by, really I have Corinne to thank for that, she’s my girlfriend and my manager, she sets up my fights and gets me sponsors. She’s a real support for me, and my family of course.

TCD: So how do you see the fight going?

Mark: It’s not going to be easy. Patrick gave John a run for his money; he’s a great ground guy with good judo throws. I’m going to try and keep it standing, but if it goes to the ground I’ll be ready. I’m hoping for a win, you never know how someone’s improved; Patrick might have got much better with his hands for example. It’ll be a good fight regardless.

TCD: How long have you been training?

Mark: I’ve been training a year and a half now, I didn’t do any fight sports training before that. I had five fights with Texas rage in the Cage before my two pro fights. At that time I was fighting every month or two.

TCD: So what’s after this fight?

Mark: I really wanted this fight to be against Tony Conception, I’d called him out, but either he or his team refused to fight me, and they didn’t want the fight. I want to fight him, I’ll fight him at 155 or 170, and I don’t care really. If he won’t take it, I’ll fight anyone, I don’t care who I fight, I just want to fight.

TCD: Anything you’d like to add?

Mark: I want to thank everyone at Kingwood MMA and at West End Boxing, I’ve been working at West End for about a month on my hands; as well as them, of course Corinne, and my family and friends for their help and support.