Interview: Manny Lozoya

“…I want to get to number one, that’s what it’s all about.”

Manny Lozoya

Interview by: Lance Edwards

One of the toughest amateur divisions in Houston is the 135lb division. This weekend sees two of the higher ranked fighters face off against each other, Manny Lozoya and David Arnas. Probably one of the most anticipated bouts of the upcoming Legacy Amateur Series Show, everyone is expecting this fight to be a fast paced, action packed battle. Manny is an extremely like-able fighter, but he wasn’t always the man he is today.  I spoke Manny to find out how his preparation has been going, and to learn a little more about Manny Lozoya the person.

TCD: Manny, how’s the training going?

Manny: It’s going excellent, no injuries and I’m good to go!

TCD: This is probably one of the most anticipated fights on the card, and a fight that really will determine the placing at the top of your division.

Manny: It means a lot to me to be involved in this fight. It’s a test for me, being near the top of my division I want to get to number one, that’s what it’s all about. If I get this win, which I’m sure I will, I’d like to fight the best. I’m not calling anyone out, but the only person above me is Colin Wright, and I really think that would be a great fight.

TCD: We do too, how long have you been training?

Manny: I’ve been training in MMA almost two years now; right now I’m at Bushi Ban. I started at Submission Boxing, it’s a great place there, and I keep in contact with the guys, I have a lot of love for them. It’s actually going to be crazy, because the girl fight is Submission Boxing versus Bushi Ban.

TCD: I guess you’ll have to support Bushi Ban?

Manny: I guess, but really I’ll be hoping its just a great fight, and no-one gets hurt, that’s what really matters.

TCD: How did you actually get involved in the sport?

Manny: Well I did some boxing before, my friend got me involved. I was in and out of trouble, I’d go for a couple of weeks, and then would be off in trouble again. The same friend dragged me to Submission Boxing, I started there and I never stopped.

You know, it made me a different person, the way I am to people, I didn’t used to think about the consequences of my actions, I didn’t really care and I didn’t really care about how I hurt people. I wouldn’t give it up for anything, and I’ve also got closer to God. I’ve really turned my life around and become different to how I was before.

TCD: What do you do when you aren’t training or fighting?

Manny: I think about training or fighting [laughs]. I have bills to pay, I live with my dad and brother, I have younger brothers and I try to be a good example. I work 8-5 and have a little boy Jayden, diapers are expensive.

TCD: So you win, you then fight Colin Wright, what then??

Manny: Hopefully, if the times right I then turn pro. I’ve just turned 22, so I’m young, I don’t need to rush anything, but it would be nice to be paid rather than get beaten up for free.

TCD: Do you have anyone you’ like to thank?

Manny: I do, I have sponsors but I just cant think… Holloway Houston, that’s where I work, I’d like to thank The Chosen Few Inc clothing line as well. My thanks go to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my family, dad, brothers, sisters, mom and you for taking the time to interview me.

TCD: No thank you, I’m looking forward to this fight.

Manny: Me too, it’s going to be an awesome fight, I promise you that.