Interview: Larry “Tae Kwon” Crowe

“I think everyone here in Houston is going to be shifting away from being huge and towards being more athletic. I want to be ahead of that change.”

Larry “Tae Kwon” Crowe

Interview by: Eric Hofstatter

At a professional record of 3-1-0, Larry Crowe, of Silverback FC has acquitted himself to be a top flight light heavyweight in the Houston MMA scene. The next challenge that is up for Larry, is a 195 lbs catchweight fight against Jermaine Anugwom, of Windy Sports and Fitness at Legacy FC 7 on July 22nd.

TheCageDoor catches up with Larry to see how his training is going and what all is in store for “Tae Kwon” Crowe.

TCD: How did you get started in MMA?

Larry Crowe: My boy, Dale Mitchell, brought me to Silverback FC a little over two years ago, after he had been doing it for 4 or 5 years. He and Coach Tony kept on my ass to get me to come into the gym and train. Once I started, I haven’t looked back since.

However, I did take a little bit of time off recently after my last fight . I broke my hand awhile back and after every fight my hand got really sore. I needed some time for it to fully heal up, which it has, and now I’m completely ready for my next fight.

TCD: So Larry, how surprised and happy were you to find out that you are TCD’s #3 ranked LHW for Q1 2011?

Larry: I had not checked the rankings in a while, so I was very surprised to hear that. When you told me that at Cage Combat 4 I didn’t quite believe you, so as soon as I could, I went to go check it. Sure enough I was #3.

It’s a little weird though. I think there are going to be some shake ups in the rankings though next time around. I am dropping to 185 here soon, and Derrick is dropping down to 205.

TCD: Wow, both of you two are naturally large structured men. Do you think this is a good idea?

Larry: I think so. When the Houston MMA scene first started, everyone wanted to be big, bulky, and with a ton of power like Brock Lesnar. Now that Brock is getting his ass whooped by more athletic guys and you look at all of the champions in the UFC, you see that they are all well-tuned, cut up, agile athletes. I think everyone here in Houston is going to be shifting away from being huge and towards being more athletic. I want to be ahead of that change.

TCD: Aside from turning yourself into a lean, mean, fighting machine, what skill set have you most improved on in the last year?

Larry: Definitely my take-down defense and ground defense. If you try to take my down, it is not going to happen. If you do to take me down, then I am not going to give you anything to work with. I feel strong and comfortable now with my jiu-jitsu to where I can defend anything that is attempted on me and I will not get submitted. While I don’t like being on the ground, I have no problem being on the ground.

I go up against Derrick Lewis’ big ass all of the time. It’s not like he uses real jiu-jitsu all the time, it is mostly raw physical strength and he over-powers me. I do get both sides of the spectrum here though between Derrick’s sheer power and Jacob Silva who never gives up mentality.

If anyone had a quarter of the energy that Jacob has, they would be world champion. I know I would feel like I would be unstoppable if I had that kind of energy. What someone needs to figure out is how to get some of that energy out of him, put it in a bottle and call it “Lil Silva Energy Drink”, it would sell.

TCD: Sounds like a million dollar idea! While you are figuring how to make that happen, where do you see yourself as a fighter in a couple of years?

Larry: I want to take this (sport) as serious as much as I can. It is not easy juggling being a fighter and life outside of MMA. I would like to get more sponsors, the only one that I have right now is Mo’s out in Katy. I want to pour my heart and soul into this, and get better.

TCD: From a fighter’s perspective, what was your reaction when you heard that IXFA was no longer going to promote here in Houston?

Larry: I feel that it will make things a little bit more difficult for local fighters to find fights here locally. When you have multiple promotions there were opportunities for fighters to get on one card or another without having a large amount of time in between fights or having to travel too far. I really enjoyed fighting at the Version Wireless Theater.

TCD: Can you tell us a little bit of what you know about your opponent Jermaine Anugwom?

Larry: Well it is another fight that I have taken on relatively short notice. I do not know too much about him, except for the fact that he like to throw kicks. That’s all I need, another fighter that throws kicks! Damn it!

TCD: So I suppose, there is a little bit of a worry of getting kicked in the junk again? Honestly, I do not think I have seen a fighter get hit the marbles (that was for you Lance) more than anyone else.

Larry: Honestly I think it was because of the cup that I use to wear. It did not fit right with what I have. I am going to wear a bigger cup this time.

I get nailed about 3 times a day when I train so I am starting to get use to it, I think.

If you have watched any of my fights, you will see that I am always adjusting because they just don’t fit in the cup. So things are, well, just exposed.  Stop hitting me there, that shit hurts! Especially the ones that just nick me, those ones hurt a helluva lot more than one that lands with full force.

TCD: For your sake, let’s hope that the inside leg kicks that will probably happen in this upcoming match, don’t make it too FAR inside. Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

Larry: I would like to thank my Silverback family first off, love you guys. I also want to thank TheCageDoor for ranking me, and making want to train and push harder. I’d also like to thank my sponsor Mo’s Place. Lastly, everyone that supports and cheers for me, thank you to you too.

TCD: Great interview Larry! Thank you for your time.