Interview: Kaileb Cummins

As far as my fighting style I would have to say I am pretty well rounded. I like to do it all to be honest.

Kaileb Cummins

Interview by: AJ Hoffman

Kaileb Cummins brings a 2-2 record to the cage at the Legacy Amateur Series show on Saturday night. He has faced stiff competition so far, and it gets no easier on Saturday as he will oppose Elite MMA’s Michael Eaglin. We had a chance to talk to the Death Row MMA product before his fight.

TCD: Tell us a little about yourself. When did you start training? How would you describe your fighting style?

Cummins: I started fighting about three and half years ago at Submission Boxing Academy. (shout out to them) My cousin at the time was one of there Jiu Jitsu coaches and so he got me started there. As far as my fighting style I would have to say I am pretty well rounded. I like to do it all to be honest. I won’t say what I like to do most. I’ll keep that a little secret but the guys that train with me know what that is.

TCD: What do you like to do for fun when you aren’t fighting? Do you work or go to school?

Cummins: I do alot of different things. I work and go to school, I’ve actually been to 4 different colleges. I just moved around with baseball scholarships really. Now i go to Sam Houston State University and i work for the University Gym which is awesome because they are really flexible with my hours, so it helps me out with my schooling and training.

TCD: You had your first 3 fights in about a 4 month span, and have only fought once since January of last year. What has been keeping you out and do you feel like the limited action will help or hurt you on Saturday?

Cummins: Yeah, when i first started out fighting i knew i wasnt going to be able to it as frequently as i was once i went off to school. I tried to get as much action as i could early. School comes first. It wont always be there but fighting will, and i know if i dont make it fighting that at least I’ll actually have a degree to put to good use.

TCD: Talk about the training you are getting up there in Huntsville. What is the gym environment like, and do you feel like you are getting all the looks you need over there?

Cummins: Man, the gym is great. I love these guys. Collin Cantrell and Lane Yarbrough are class A guys. You couldn’t ask for nicer guys to ask to beat you up. As soon as i got up there they completely took me in with open arms. The thing that I enjoyed most was when Collin brought in Rhalan Gracie for a weekend. He came and stayed at my apartment and I got to hang out and train with him for the weekend. Rhalan was a very laid back, great, humble guy. But we also got a bunch of new guys in the gym that you all will be hearing about pretty soon as well.

TCD: What do you think is your biggest strength as a fighter right now? What is your biggest weakness?

Cummins: My biggest strength would be my versatility. I’m pretty well rounded. There’s not anything I would say would be my weakness, besdies the fact that I don’t get to step into the cage as often as i would like to.

TCD: You have had some pretty stiff competition so far as an amateur, including fights with Justin Murray and Terrance Ferguson. How important is it for you to get cage time against tough guys as an amateur?

Cummins: Oh man. I loved fighting those guys. Because the Terrance Ferguson fight was so tough, that fight was one of my favorites actually. When I fought him he already had like five fights and I only had one so it was a chance for me to actually step up my game and see what I was made of in a tough fight. Those tough fights have made me the fighter I am today. I’m a lot calmer and relaxed fighter. So I’d def have to thank those guys for that!!

TCD: How much do you know about your opponent? How do you think you will match up against him on Saturday night?

Cummins: I do know he’s black, which completely changes my game plane. Haha!!! No I’m joking. The funny thing is I know nothing about him. My opponent for this fight has changed about 3 or 4 times so i was just getting ready for who ever they were just going to throw in front of me. I know he’s supposed to be pretty strong and powerful. He’s supposed to have a good right hand so I’ll be watching out for that but that about all I know of him really.

TCD: Do you feel like you are getting close to being ready to go pro? Is that a goal for you? What do you want to accomplish as an amateur?

Cummins: Yeah I do feel like im physically and mentally ready to step up to the pros, but that’s not what has been stopping me. Like I said before, I have a school first mentality when it comes to fighting. Once I graduate next year you’ll definitely be seeing me going pro soon after.

TCD: What are your long term goals with the sport?

Cummins: I honestly don’t have any long term goals set. I’m a competitor, so I just want to compete and go as far as the good Lord is willing to let me go in this sport.

TCD: Anyone you want to thank?

Cummins: I would like to think my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first and foremost; my family for always supporting me through all this and always pushing me to strive for success. I’d also like to think Collin Cantrell, Lane Yarbrough and Frank Adame and all of my training partners at SBA down in Houston and of course my Death Row mma family up here in Huntsville.