Interview: Kaileb Cummins

” I think in the second round I’m going to get the KO or TKO.”

Kaileb Cummins


Interview by: Lance Edwards


January 21st sees the next installment of the Legacy Fighting Championship Amateur series. Headlining the fights, is a title fight between Kaileb Cummins and Robert Yamashita. We caught up with Kaileb to find out about the fight, his background and plans for the future.

TCD: How did you get into MMA?

Cummins: My cousin was teaching BJJ at SBA when I was in high school. We watched the UFC and WEC fights on TV. My favorite fighters are Urijah Faber and Jason Miller. Both guys have strong ground games, and that was what I was really attracted to. I played baseball in college, my family is a baseball family. I would come back in Summer and pick it up a bit but my time was pretty full with baseball. I found out I had a staph infection on my brain. What happened was I had a pimple in my nose which I burst. I went to hospital and they did a CT scan, and on the scan there was a spider web of staph wrapped around my brain. They they told me if the surgery they were going to do didn’t work I would have about two hours to live. I recovered, and after that I took a step back and looked at my life. From five or six I had played baseball, my brother plays pro and my other brother played in college. I felt there were other things I wanted to do with my life.

TCD: How are you feeling about this fight?

Cummins: I’m looking forward to it. Training is going really good. I moved my camp to Submission Boxing Academy, which is actually my original camp. I’ve also been working on my BJJ with Draculino at Gracie Barra.

TCD: How did you come to change camp from SBA to Deathrow MMA?

Cummins: Well, I’m originally from Pearland. I went to school at Huntsville, at Sam Houston. I met Collin Cantrell at the fights and he welcomed me to come down with open arms. I came home for Christmas, and started back up at SBA for this fight.

TCD: Is there an area you feel you’ve improved?

Cummins: Definitely my jiu jitsu. I’ve been rolling with Drac’s blue, purple and brown belts, doing five and seven minute rounds, and it’s really been helping me. I feel that I’ve really come on there.

TCD: Any predictions?

Cummins: It will be a good fight. In the last fight I was told the guy was a ground guy, but he just wanted to stand the whole time. This guy’s a BJJ guy. I think in the second round I’m going to get the KO or TKO, so that’s my prediction.

TCD: What are you studying in school?

Cummins: Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology. I’ve decided that when I graduate college I want to turn pro though. I will get a couple of solid wins, and boost my credibility for when I do.

TCD: Do you plan to stay at this weight?

Cummins: When I go pro, I will drop to 170 lbs. I walk at 200, and fought Justin Murray at 170 before. I didn’t really know how to do the cut, but now that I know better I know I can do it. I’m still young, so my body can take it.

TCD: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Cummins: I’d like to thank Submission Boxing Academy, Draculino, Gracie Barra, Proformance Mouthguards who set me up with a really nice mouth guard, and