Interview: Joe Trevino

“I would rather live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb.”


Joe Trevino

Interview and Photos by: Richard Burmaster

For Joe Trevino stepping into the cage on Friday at the Lonestar Beatdown will be the easiest part of is week. When you work underwater as a welder and you train at 4oz fight club, fighting in a cage is a vacation. Joe spends his days underwater welding in cold temperatures and dangerous conditions. Then he drives straight to 4oz so that Bobby, Jeremey and the rest of the team can punish his body until its time to go home. Then its time to chill with the wife, and kids until he crashes, and starts the cycle all over again the next day. Joe looks forward to the cage time as it gives him a break from his daily torture. I was able to talk with Joe in between his rounds at 4oz.

(Editors Note: Due to scheduling issues, we were unable to get Joe’s interview up before his fight in Dallas on the 19th.  Congratulations to Joe on his win over Steven Ngo.  You can read the play by play HERE.)

Joe_Trevino_0001 Joe_Trevino_0005 Joe_Trevino_0009 Joe_Trevino_0013 What kind of hobbies do you have?

Joe: Family.  I have a wife and kids.  I came from the military.  I spent eight years in the marine corps.  I came out here and wanted to find a gym right away. How did you get started in MMA?

Joe: Here at 4oz .  When I was in the marine corp for eight years and we started a basic mma type curriculum.  I always watched UFC and WEC. What made you choose 4 oz?

Joe: I heard about the gym from a friend.  I came here just to train. How long have you been training?

Joe: Off and on for about a year next month.  I’ve done some Jiu Jitsu tournaments.  I did pretty well with those.  I have another fight coming up in April.

Joe_Trevino_0002 Joe_Trevino_0006 Joe_Trevino_0010 Joe_Trevino_0014 What’s made you stay here at 4oz?

Joe: From the second I walked in, guys like Daniel and Steve have been great examples.  They fight hard, train hard.  I don’t want to go to a gym and just hang out on the side and watch everyone Why do you fight?

Joe: It’s fun. I like being on the ground.  I just got into and have become pretty good. Have you seen any footage of your upcoming opponent?

Joe: None, I think this is his first fight as well. All I know is he is from North Dallas Jiu Jitsu What’s your prediction for how the fight ends?

Joe: I would like to stand and see what I can do against him. Bob feels confident in my striking so I give all the respect to my trainers. If they say I can stand up and bang then that’s what I’m gonna do.

Joe_Trevino_0003 Joe_Trevino_0007 Joe_Trevino_0011 Joe_Trevino_0015 Who are some of your favorite fighters?

Joe: BJ Penn, Jose Aldo. Small fast guys that are good on the ground. They have all around game. Obviously Anderson Silva, and the guys here. What will be your advantage in this fight?

Joe: The training that we do here. I have the cardio, I hit hard and I can go to the ground. How hard is it to have a full time job, wife and kids at home and still come here everyday and bang?

Joe: I work as an underwater welder so I come all the way from Channelview to the gym, My wife is calling asking when I am coming home , it’s tough but I love it. Any motto you live by?

Joe: I would rather live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb. Anyone you want to thank?

Joe: Bob, Jeremy, My wife and kids for putting up with me.

Joe_Trevino_0004 Joe_Trevino_0008 Joe_Trevino_0012 Joe_Trevino_0016