Interview: Jimmy Flick

“I don’t think he is really going to expect what I am going to bring for him.”

Jimmy Flick

Written By: Eric Hostetter

Soon, Jimmy Flick will face off against Humberto De Leon for the IXFA Flyweight Title. Did I mention that this is the second meeting between the two? Well the first one took place at Bellator – San Antonio last year. Jimmy was able to walk away with a unanimous decision. He feels that this next go around with Humberto will prove to be his biggest test yet as a fighter.

I cought up with Jimmy to see what he is thinking about facing a familiar rival for the title. Tell us a little bit about yourself Jimmy?

Jimmy Flick: Well I have been wrestling pretty much my whole life. I was about 3½ years old and weighing around 36 lbs when I started wrestling while I was living in Oklahoma. I lived there for about 17 years before I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas and began training jiu-jitsu for about a year, and then got into MMA full time after that. My father was really the big pusher of me doing this and I train out of Full Contact Fight Academy/ Paragon Jiu-Jitsu in Corpus Christi, Texas.

I had my first amateur fight in April 2009. I’ve had 7 amateur fights by September 2010. I remained undefeated as an amateur with 6 submissions and 1 decision. I made my pro-debut in San Antonio against Humberto De Leon and won against him in a unanimous decision. My most recent fight was this past January and I won with a 3rd round submission over Anthony Session.

TCD: What is it like making your pro-debut on a semi-large national promotion with Bellator? Did you have any nervousness about having the possibility of having your fight showcased on TV?

Jimmy: I don’t think so. I told my brother that I’ve always wanted to fight Humberto. I’ve seen him at a lot of jiu-jitsu tournaments. We were cool with each other and all that, but when I got the opportunity to fight on Bellator card when they came to San Antonio. I let a guy know that was kind of in charge in putting the card together, I let him know about Humberto, and that he is 5-2 at 125 lbs. He said alright and about 2 weeks later he called me up and let me know that the fight with Humberto is on. So I was already training two weeks in advance for Humberto before I really knew I was going to fight him. Before we actually touch gloves, I was getting kind of nervous. I put myself in check though before that got out of control and I reminded myself that this is just like being in the gym and I went from there and won the fight.

TCD: So what is like meeting him again for the IXFA 125lb title?

Jimmy: It’s awesome. I am glad it is for a title. I am excited that it is against Humberto and especially that it is the main event. He has said some things, I have said some things. I can’t wait to see him at the weigh ins and again on Saturday night. This is going to be awesome.

TCD: Can you tell any differences or growth in Humberto’s game since the last time you two fought?

Jimmy: Well after the first time we fought, I told him that we will fight again. I’m pretty sure that he will tell you the same thing. Then fast forward to where we are signing the contracts for this fight, I was saying that I wanted to dominate him and beat him this time. He comes back and says that “I am being cocky” and “I can’t be beaten”… that made me a little mad. When we faced off a little bit inside the cage at the last IXFA event, I asked him if he really thought I was being cocky. He said yes. I responded back to him, “Well I’ll show you cocky”.

Now he is saying that he learned from his last fight with me that he needs to train. So you are telling me that you were fighting on a Bellator card and you didn’t even train for me last time? Come on! I’ve trained even harder for this fight.  I am ready to get in there and give it everything I got. I would love to finish him this time. I would love to be a 20 year old kid and finish him.

TCD: Do you think he is underestimating you?

Jimmy: I may be young, but I have been doing sports and competing my whole life. I don’t think he really is underestimating me. All of the talk he is doing is his attempt to get inside of my head and make me doubt myself.  Let me just say that it is not working and I am not paying attention to it. I am training hard with my brother that fights at the same weight class as me, so he tests me very hard every day. I cannot wait to get out there and show all of my work that I have been doing in the past year.

TCD: How do you see this fight going?

Jimmy: It is going to be a war.

TCD: You know I was thinking the same exact thing.

Jimmy: I’m just really anxious to do this. I don’t think he is really going to expect what I am going to bring for him.

TCD: Aside from winning the title, what would you rather have, Fight of the Night or Submission of the Night Honors?

Jimmy: That’s a good one. I will go with Fight of the Night, because I want to make the fans happy with me and my opponents performance. That is really a tribute to them, my opponent and myself.

Even though it is great to make someone give up, and tap, with a submission, I have never had a FotN.

TCD: Fight of the Night or Knock Out of the Night?

Jimmy: Knock Out. I think it is pretty self-explanatory.

However, Humberto and I have over 30 amateur and professional fights combine, neither one of us have one under our belt. Most likely one of us is going to have one soon.

TCD: No doubt, y’all are due for one. Where do you see yourself in 2 years as a fighter?

Jimmy: I would like to say the UFC. I wanted to try out for The Ultimate Fighter this year, but I am only 20 years old… you have to be 21. But I was going to bump up in weight class and try out for the show. My manager had me all set up, but I wasn’t old enough to participate. I am just going to keep fighting and hopefully within 2 years I’ll be in the UFC fighting at 125 or 135.

TCD: Is there anyone you would like to thank before we wrap this up?

Jimmy: I want to say thanks to my brother. He has always been there to train with me, cut weight with me twice, has coached me all the way through. Thanks to all of my coaches and teammates. My mom, dad and everyone else that supports me, I will not disappoint you all.  Thank you very much everyone!

TCD: Thanks for your time Jimmy. Good luck in your match.