Interview: Jeremy Mahon

The sword is sharp and I feel I am at my prime.

Jeremy Mahon

Interview by: Lance Edwards

Jeremy Mahon is a well known figure in the Houston MMA scene, having been heavily involved in the scene since 2005. Teaching at IVoz Fight Club, Jeremy has trained with a who’s who of local fighters and can regularly be seen cornering them at nearly every event that takes place in the Houston area. After a hiatus from fighting, Jeremy returns to the cage to face Silverback’s David Armas on the upcoming Legacy card.

TCD: We haven’t seen you fight for quite a while now, what have you been up to in that time, and why did you decide to return to the cage again?

Mahon: I’ve been busy here with 4oz, coaching and training fighters and training for myself, particularly my jits in which I received my purple belt in July. As far as returning to the cage, this was just the right fight at the right time. The sword is sharp and I feel I am at my prime. What better place to showcase that than Legacy?

TCD: How did you get started in training?

Mahon: When I was in the Marines my section leader, Adam Lynn, was training MMA and we went on routine deployment to Japan. My battalion (1st Battalion-5th Marines) kept getting in trouble out in town so they put us on a base lockdown. We couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. Since there was nothing else to do I started training with him every day for the next 6 months. This was back in 2000. After we returned to the United States I kept training off and on in California, but it wasn’t until 2005 back here in Houston that I started to train seriously That was with Rocky Long at a small kickboxing gym he had behind a tattoo parlor .

TCD: Where do you see your strengths being?

Mahon: My striking and BJJ are definite strengths. I have had half a dozen kickboxing matches and a couple boxing matches so I feel very comfortable on my feet, and my ground game is finally to a point where I feel confident grappling with anyone. Even with all that, I would say that my biggest strength is my life experience. I am a decorated Marine combat veteran who has received medals for valor and bravery in combat. Once you have been thrust into those situations where you must take human life, stepping into a cage to fight another man really isn’t that big of a deal. If anything it is barely a way to scratch an itch.

TCD: You’re well known locally for IVoz. How did you meet Bob and set up the gym?

Mahon: At the time there were no MMA schools in my area, so I got with a couple other friends who were involved in the sport and I decided to open a school. Jerrod Lewis was teaching the BJJ and vale tudo but the guys we had for standup ended up not coming on board. I had recently fought Daniel Pineda and, to my surprise, one day he showed up at the gym. He used to train with Silverback when he first started out and Bob was the striking instructor over there. Daniel liked what he saw, but wouldn’t train anywhere without Bob. We didn’t have a standup coach, so I had him bring Bob over so I could “evaluate “ him. Little did I know that Bob was just going to thrash me until I puked. After that was over, we talked our theories and philosophies on striking and fighting in general. From that point on we have been practically inseparable, and Bob has become our head coach and one of my best friends.

TCD: Armas was quite verbal on facebook about the fight when it was announced. Has that affected you in any way?

Mahon: From what I have seen and heard of Armas, that is just his personality. He has said some things about my team, my gym and myself that need to get resolved. Again, what better place than Legacy to do that? As far as affecting me I guess it has just fueled the fire and made me step up my training to another level.

TCD: After this fight will we be seeing you fight more often? What’s next?

Mahon: You will be seeing me in the corner more often. After this fight I am going to focus on learning and becoming a better trainer. I don’t have aspirations of becoming the next UFC world champion, but I would love to be the coach of that champion. Teaching and coaching is my passion and career choice. I fight because I love to fight and I love to compete and test myself. We have to test ourselves. You may see me back in the cage or the ring someday, but not with any regularity.

Legacy Fighting Championship 9 taked place on Dec. 16, 2011. You can get tickets at or you can catch the fights live on HDNet.