Interview: Jeremy Lieder

“I like to stand and bang, but if it goes to the ground I’m comfortable there too.”

Jeremy Lieder

Interview by: Barry Laminack


I had a chance to catch up with Jeremy Lieder going into his co-main event fight Friday March 2, 2012 against Levi West at Cage Combat 8.

TCD: How are you feeling with a just a few days left before your fight?

Lieder: I’m feeling good. I’m really nervous! [laughs]

TCD: Co-Main Event is a big deal, how does that feel?

Lieder: Man, being the co main event is awesome! I think its making me extra nervous. I get nervous before I play rock paper scissors [laughs], so this is a really big deal for me. At the same time I know I’m just the main event because I’m fighting Levi West. I hope soon I’ll be the main event because of my accomplishments; and hopefully get a title shot someday.

TCD: What pushed you to get into MMA?

Lieder: I’ve always loved to compete.  There is just a feeling I get when I compete that I don’t get anywhere else. So when I was done playing football, martial arts was a way I could still compete in athletics. I figured I would give it a try.

TCD: How far are you hoping to take it?

Lieder: The ultimate goal is the UFC,  but im just taking it one fight at a time. I have a long way to go to get where I need to be as a fighter and all around athlete.

TCD: What can people expect when they come and watch Jeremy Lieder fight?

Lieder: You can expect a fast pace fight with fist flying. I tend to get a little wild and forget technique when I get in the cage.  Hopefully I will be better about that this fight! [laughs]

TCD: Give me your thoughts on your fight with Levi. How do you see this fight going?

Lieder: This is going to be a tough fight. Levi is a really good fighter, he is well-rounded and has great coaching. I’m not really sure how the fight will go. I know he has really good hands and he also has a great BJJ coach. I like to stand and bang, but if it goes to the ground I’m comfortable there too.

TCD: Anybody you want to thank?

Lieder: Yes. I especially want to thank my coach, mentor and friend Eddie Avelar. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. My dad for getting Eddie to be my coach. JohnWhitely, all my training partners at Ground Dwellers, the guys at Streamline fitness, Global Martial Arts, Fitness 1on1, all my friends and family for supporting me, Eric Garcia for giving me this opportunity and Levi west for taking a fight with me and being the fuel to feed my fire and push me to train hard.

TCD: Good luck on Friday Jeremy and thanks for the interview.