Interview: Jeremy Hunter

“Another name, another fight”

Jeremy Hunter

Written By: Eric Hostetter

One thing that I love about amateur fighters is that they are still raw; fresh and new to the scene. Kinda like a box of chocolates; just when you think you have the box figured out and know what flavor you are choosing to eat, you get surprised with what you bite into. (I’m not suggesting you try and bite into Jeremy Hunter, because I’m guessing there would be hell to pay!)

I caught up with Jeremy this week to see what was shaking with him before his up coming match Brenner Jones at Cage Combat 5.

TCD: What gym do you train out of?

Jeremy Hunter: I primarily train out of Kingwood MMA. Recently, I have been cross-training out of 4oz. I think I get a great balance with both.

TCD: What motivated you to compete in this sport?

Jeremy: I really was a street brawler. I never turned down a good fight. One day I met John Malbrough at a party and tried to convince him how tough I was. He told me to come over to the gym and prove it. A few weeks later I took him up on his offer. I was quick to find out what a guillotine and a triangle was, over and over again. Didn’t take a genius to figure out if I did not learn this I would never make the UFC.

TCD: Did you get dubbed with a nickname on that day from your now current teammates?

Jeremy: I called everyone and asked for a fighting nickname. Someone said what about “Hellraiser” and I was like, ok. Sorry it is not an exciting story, but you should have heard the ones I said no to.

TCD: I can only imagine!  What is it like to train with John Malbrough on a near daily basis?

Jeremy: Malbrough is one of the best guys to train with. He brings it hard every time and he won’t let me rest. A Maniac vs. a Hellraiser? How can it get better?

TCD: How has your training for this fight been coming along?

Jeremy: I always hear people answer this question with: This was the toughest camp I ever had. How is that possible? How can every camp be the toughest? So I will answer by saying: This was the toughest camp I ever had. I give big props to those guys at Kingwood, 4oz and my MTW family for pushing me to become a better fighter each and every day.

TCD: Ain’t nothing wrong with using a cliche’ answer. Can you tell us about your thoughts on your fight against Brenner Jones, of SBA?

Jeremy: Not much to think. My manager and coach tell me who to fight and I fight them. Another name, another fight and, hopefully, another win.

TCD: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

Jeremy: MTW, Kingwood and 4oz. Also want to thank my family for having my back. And thank you Cage Door!

TCD: Great interview Jeremy. Good luck!