Interview: Jennifer “Superstar” Scott

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“…I don’t think she has been hit as hard as I can hit”

Jennifer “Superstar” Scott

Interview by: Eric Hostetter

Jennifer Scott (2-0-0) is a former  Hawaiian Tropics Bikini Model turned MMA fighter that has hands of stone. If you think that since she was a bikini model she is woman that is to girly to be in the cage, you are sorely mistaken. The only frilly and fluffy things about here are the pillows that you’ll be sleeping with in your hospital bed after she knocks your ass into next week. Jennifer squares off against, Greg Jackson’s own, Karina Hallinan (3-2-0) at the Legacy FC 29th event at the Houston Arena Theater. What is like being one of the few women fighters in a mostly male dominated sport?

Jennifer Scott: It’s really hard! All of the male fighters get an opportunity to fight all of the time here locally, where as I have to go out of state to find fights.

This fight, with Legacy on the 29th, is my first ever female fight here in Houston. I’m so nervous too, because I get to fight in front of all of my friends. I mean, everyone I know knows that I am fighter and they are excited too because they are tired of me fighting in places like Las Vegas and now they get to see me fight. It has taken a long time for me to earn my respect, and position, as a fighter and so here I am. When you told your family and friends that were getting into this sport, how did they react?

Jennifer: My mother absolutely hates it! She works with eyes as her job and she absolutely fears that I am going to have a severe injury one day, like a detached retina or something. So she doesn’t like it at all. She really expressed her dislike for it when I went to go learn how to box in New York, until she watched me fight. Although she was really anxious for me, she did enjoy it. My son and all of my friends absolutely love it. When you meet new people, how do they react when you tell them that you are a fighter?

Jennifer: Well if people meet me here in the gym, they are like “Yeah that’s cool and I can see that.” Whereas if I meet people outside of the gym, no one really believes that I am a fighter. They say things like, “You are such a girly girl. Aren’t you afraid that something is going to happen?”

No one believes it. I going to tell them to Google me and see for yourself, but that is definitely an option that they can do, because my fighting information is out there. Some people think that it is really awesome, whereas others are kind of stand offish about it and think that I’m a scary person because of it. But really, a lot of people are amazed that I am actually a fighter. They just can’t place it with me, because of the whole girly thing. Do you have any heroes/heroines that help motivate or inspire you to do what you are doing now?

Jennifer: No, not at all. I started to train in boxing as a form of fitness, not to compete as a fighter, but to compete in Hawaiian Tropic Bikini competitions. That is how it all originally started. It was all for fitness. However, one of my original trainers, Lewis Woods, he told me that I hit really hard for a female, and asked me if I would ever think about competing. So I was like, “Yeah sure, let’s try it!” A little bird told me that you gave a black eye to one of your trainers the first time you ever trained. What happened there?

Jennifer: That’s Jeremy! Before I came here to 4oz, I was still over at Lewis’ gym, and so since Lewis has amazing hands, other gyms would come over to his to work out with him to work on their stand up hands game. So, Jeremy got paired up with me, and he was like, “Oh I am gonna take it easy on you because you are a girl.” Jeremy is a southpaw, so they are a little bit more difficult for righties to hit, but I whacked him pretty hard once and gave him a black eye to go home to his wife with. And now he is my trainer here at 4oz. I love telling that story!

[laughter] Hilarious. So what do you like to do in your free time, aside from training?

Jennifer: I really don’t have much free time, to be honest. I do have a little boy, and when we spend time together, we play a lot of video games together. I am an outdoorsy type of person, I love being outside. Activities such as fishing, camping, hunting all of that fun stuff, any outdoors concert, water type sports, I just love being outside. Did you get a chance to take a deer this season?

Jennifer: No, everyone that I know that goes hunting, I ask them to please give me some deer jerky and/or some back strap please!? I may have some left over in the freezer, I’ll have to check!

Jennifer: Remember, jerky and back strap please! Will do. How did you get the nickname “Superstar”?

Jennifer: My boxing coach, Ron Collins, gave that to me when we went out to Hawaii for a fight. The gym that he use to be affiliated with, opened a gym there and we went there for the grand opening to do some exhibition fights and this big huge fund raiser thing, that was absolutely awesome because it was in Hawaii. That is where he gave me the nickname “Superstar”, because he believed that I was going to be his first World Champion under him. And he also said that, “No matter what I am doing, the camera is always going to make me look like a superstar.” So why are you so camera shy?

Jennifer: Still cameras? Not a problem. Live cameras? I don’t know…. I just don’t like them. What island where you doing the exhibition fights on?

Jennifer: The big island, Hilo, and I got to meet B.J. Penn while I was there! That was freaking awesome! Lets switch it up a bit.  What would you rather have, Fight of the Night or Submission of the Night?

Jennifer: That is kind of a trick question I suppose. For me, as a stand up fighter, to pull off Submission of the Night honors… that would… be… Amazing?

Jennifer: YES! I keep on telling people that I am due to win by submission because all of my wins so far have been by decision or knockout. I do have a no decision on my record because a girl that I fought in Vegas tested positive for three different PEDs in her system after the fight, but before then we went for three rounds and I had a bad cut over my eyes and I was pretty much blind the  2 ½ minutes. But I was still fighting my guts out as I went for several submissions like a knee bar, guillotine, and a triangle. I was still throwing elbows and punches. But that loss was taken away due to her failing her drug test. Was it instincts that came out there to protect yourself?

Jennifer: Total killer instinct! Submission of the Night or Knockout of the Night?

Jennifer: Knock Out, no question! Shocker! Chalk another one up for KO of the Night.  Who are your favorite fighters? It can be local fighters or fighters up on the big stage.

Jennifer: I just love me some Anderson Silva. He is just so vicious as a striker. I love watching him. Tell us about your thoughts on your fight against Karina Halliman at Legacy FC on January 29th.

Jennifer: I have so many random thoughts. I have already fought this girl a million times in my head already. It is unbelievable. I don’t know how many times I have woken up in the middle of the night throwing punches! Just don’t punch a headboard and bust your hand like Uma Thurman did in Kill Bill while she was training under Pai Mae.


Jennifer: Exactly! I really don’t know how the fight is going to go. I have watched a lot of film of her from her previous fights. She does like to throw a lot of hands.  She’s coming from an amazing gym, Greg Jackson MMA, and before there she trained at Team Quest. She is going to be a tough chick as she has been trained by the best. I am ready for her though. I want to test myself. It is going to be a good fight. In my personal opinion, I don’t think she has been hit as hard as I can hit. Because my hands are a lot different than what she has seen, as I have come from a straight boxing background. Without tipping your hand too much, how have you prepared for this fight?

Jennifer: To describe in one word, intensely. I’ve been doing two-a-days. Any kind of free time that I have I spend it here. If I wake up too late for class, I call up Jeremy and tell him that I am coming in to train to not waste my day. I train on the weekends, holidays, you name the time, and I am probably right here training. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

Jennifer: I would like to thank 4oz for creating a MMA monster, Ron Collins for keeping my hands sharp, Alvis Soliz for teaching me the fundamentals of jujitsu. And I’d like to thank all of my friends and fans for believing in me Thank you for your time. Best of luck to you in your match.

Jennifer: Thank you for the interview.

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