Interview: Jason Sullivan – Back in the saddle

“I’m a  violent fighter, it’s not personal, that’s just how it is.”

Jason Sullivan: Back in the Saddle

Interview and Photos by: Lance Edwards

“Meet me at 9pm at Memorial Park”, not the usual scheduling environment for an interview, but Jason Sullivan is anything but usual. Not quite sure of what to expect I donned my trench coat for this clandestine meeting, well not really, but it seemed like something from a spy movie. Numerous text messages later and having scaled a fence I met the smiling Sullivan and one of his trainers, Geohn Cho, and sat down with Sullivan before he started training. Jason, how long have you been fighting?

Jason: Three years, well two to three as an amateur I think. I started at Miletech, and cross trained at Metro. I’ve actually just taken a year off, trying to do the family thing, but it didn’t work out and I got back to training. I was travelling a lot with work which made it hard to consistently train, and I got busy with life. I now have no real distractions and I’m training full time. I also do tattooing, mainly for myself but sometimes at The Electric Chair, but I’ve gone back to school where I’m studying to be an interpreter for deaf children. That’s a good thing to do

Jason: Yes, you know I speak six languages, and it’s kind of like that, there’s a lot of work in it and it’s a really needed profession, so I’m glad to be doing it. So what does your training consistent of? Unlike a lot of fighters you aren’t at any one place?

Jason: That’s right, I like to cross train. I train at Anytime Fitness in Katy with Angel and Big Kev for my fitness. They do circuits, old style stuff like kettle bells, running inclines, sissy squats and other killer exercises. They’re very consistent and work me hard.

I also work with Geohn Cho in striking, hes a great coach, also Saul Faz on my boxing, he will run you into the ground , Saul trained with Hollyfield. In the past I trained with James Cooper who trained Hollyfield. Some of the guys at Paradigm have helped me with my wrestling, and Brett Boyce at Bam Bam has been helping me with my ground work, especially positioning and transitions. Paradigm, there are some good wrestlers there, is that a part of MMA you particularly enjoy?

Jason: Well I started Greco Roman in ’97 with Pete Selensas who grew up in Iowa, I also worked with Frank Heaney. Frank was a hard ass, do it right, or don’t do it. From them I built a good foundation, I learned the harder you train the better the reflection on your skills. I learned I need to keep anger and emotions in check, if you do that you can be a phenomenal fighter. So is wrestling your strength?

Jason: No to be honest it’s my big right hand, but Ive been working to be more rounded and not rely on that so much. having not fought for a year are you feeling ring rust?

Jason: No not at all, In fact I’m in the best shape I’ve been in. I can concentrate on my training, and have tweaked a lot of little things to become far more refined. So what do you know about your opponent?

Jason: Not too much really, I know he’s from a traditional muay thai background. I expect him to be at his best and I’m going to break him. There are fighters and there are people who fight violently. I’m a  violent fighter, it’s not personal, that’s just how it is. Who was your toughest fight?

Jason: Probably Nick (Mitchell), it was at heavyweight and I was a bit light, but my conditioning wasn’t good and Nick has great conditioning.

Geohn: Really it’s yourself.

Jason: Yeah, I wasn’t in the right place, I wasn’t prepared. If I’m not ready I wont perform and I wasn’t ready, it made it worse because Nick is very athletic. So are you prepared, are you on weight?

Jason: Definitely, I’m in good shape, I’m on weight, a light 214lbs. There are guys that have been helping me with my diet. I’ve been training evenings leading up to the fight to peak at the right time. Im eighth to fight, so that will be about 10pm, so I’m training at this time to be prepared. What’s your prediction?

Jason: I don’t know, I feel it will be fast and brutal. I’m going for a war, it’s not going to be passive, it’s going to be a blitzkrieg. Anyone you’d like to thank?

Jason: All my sponsors, Azuma Sushi,, Team Burnell, Marquette Dentistry,Pro-performance mouthguards, Anytime fitness and of course ACS. I’m ready to be back, people are looking forward to me fight and I have a lot of support. People believe in me and I can do good things at 205lb.