Interview: Humberto “Da Kid” DeLeon

“I am usually the smallest guy in the gym, but I love pushing myself.”


Humberto “Da Kid” DeLeon

Interview and Photos by: Richard Burmaster

Humberto DeLeon does not talk a lot. Just having him sit down and answer questions for his interview did not seem like an enjoyable process for him. However once we started taking pictures and he was moving around, breaking a sweat and throwing punches and kicks, you could see the difference in his demeanor. He was smiling and enjoying everything. Humberto does not want to talk. He wants to fight. While he may not be good at opening up and talking, he is one of the best 125lb fighters the state of Texas has ever seen. With a 15-1-1 record as an amateur you get the idea he is talented. When you learn he has 6 titles mixed in those 15 wins, you learn he is on another level than most other fighters. While the UFC and WEC do not have a 125lb class as of yet, with fighters like Humberto on the rise, there is no doubt we will see the 125lb class in the WEC soon.

Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_02 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_03 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_04 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_05 What got you started in MMA?

Humberto: People doubting me. People saying I couldn’t do it. I had my first fight after training for six months. I won by armbar in the second round. After that it was armbar, armbar, armbar. (Laughs) People think that it’s the only thing I know, but it just happens to be what the guys keep giving me. Had you done any martial arts before mma?

Humberto: I hadn’t done anything. I came in here and got my butt whupped for six months, and then I got tired of it, so I started learning more. How long have you been training?

Humberto: Two years. With all of the gyms here in town, what made you decide on Bushi Ban?

Humberto: The coaches keep me honest and training hard. A lot of guys turn pro after 5 or 6 fights. You however had 17 fights as an amature. Why so long before you turned pro?

Humberto:That was my coaches’ decision. I didn’t mind. Every 3 fights I was fighting in a title fight, so it was fun. It’s hard to turn pro because you have to wait so long between fights.

Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_06 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_07 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_08 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_09 What made your coaches decide to have you turn pro?

Humberto:They wanted me to win all the amateurs titles.  I combined all the titles from Texas, LA, Arkansas. Not sure if anyone has ever done that. Your currently fighting at 125lbs even though there is no 125lb class in the WEC. Do you see yourself moving back up to 135lb as you get older?

Humberto:The WEC has talked about bringing in a 125lb class. I hope they do. I am too short for 135lbs.  Everyone I have fought has been bigger than me. I don’t mind. I was asked to fight for another title on May 28th at 135lbs against a guy who is dropping from 155. He had beaten one of our instructors, so it’s an interesting fight for me. I was supposed to fight him six months ago. Why do you fight?

Humberto:It’s the competition, I like testing myself against other people.  I am usually the smallest guy in the gym, but I love pushing myself. What do you know about your opponent Brian Garmon?

Humberto:He is a striker out of Silverback. I don’t mind that he is a striker, the last guy Andy Sandoval said he was a striker too. I caught his kick and knocked him down. I don’t mind standing and banging with him. How do you see this fight ending?

Humberto:Hopefully 2nd round by submission. I have seen his videos and not to disrespect him, but he is sloppy. That’s what my coaches say, and I trust them. He throws wild hands.  I need to just take him down and end it.

Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_10 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_11 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_12 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_17 Who are your favorite fighters?

Humberto:GSP, he is humble through everything, and he is really good. You teach the kids class here at Bushi Ban. What made you interested in working with kids?

Humberto:I want to open my own school in the future, and I’m not much of a talker, so the coaches thought it would be a great idea for me to start with the kids.  They make me talk. (laughs) Is there anyone you would like to fight?

Humberto:On the internet they were talking about Jimmy Flick, I met him before at a grappling tourney in San Antonio.  Joe Cruz again and maybe Bobby Powers.  He is a nice guy. Sometimes I want to go up to 135lbs because there are not a lot of guys at 125lbs here. Any motto’s you live by?

Humberto:Train Hard! Anyone you would like to thank?

Humberto: My coaches, Mr. Loveless, my girlfriend Bianca, my sister she is my biggest fan, my coach Gibert, and all my training partners.

Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_13 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_14 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_15 Humberto_Deleon_Int_032010_16