Interview: Guilherme “G” Moreira

“Every since I started fighting I’ve become twice the man I was. I’m a better person now. I’m doing better in school too. It just takes you to the next level as a human being.”

Guilherme “G” Moreira

Interview by: Barry Laminack

Guilherme is one of those guys that you just can’t help but gravitate too.  “G” (as he’s know to his friends and family) is a skilled up and coming fighter. He’s got a great work ethic and an attitude to match.  He’s the new breed of fighter who got into MMA with no real base, rather working all aspects of his game equally.

Undefeated at 2-0, he’ll be facing his toughest fight yet when he squares off against seasoned veteran Sean Holden at Cage Combat 1 on Dec. 2 at the Humble Civi Center.  Moreira has the skills, heart and determination to win this title fight, and the attitude to keep on winning. How did you get started in MMA

G: Well, I’m from Brazil so MMA is pretty big over there. I had always wanted to do it but I’m not a mean person so I didn’t think I could do it. But when I moved here (the US) in 2006/2007 I was watching a fight on a small show. He had 2 broken ribs, lost 2 teeth and had a broken hand, but he kept fighting to the end. That was when I was like MAN, MMA guys are like super human. That’s when I decided I wanted to be like those guys. When did you actually start training?

G: March 2008. Let me guess, being from Brazil you started training BJJ first?

G: Actually I started learning everything at the same time. It’s a good thing because I think it makes me more well rounded. So did you start off at Team Tooke or move to that gym later?

G: I’ve always been with Team Tooke and I’m grateful for that. I’m a lucky man. It’s the best gym around. How’s the weight cut going?

G: Well, I’m still growing so it’s getting harder. My last fight I was walking around at about 180, this fight I’m walking around at 195. I’m down to 177 now so I’m right on track. You’ve crept up on the rankings and are now getting a title shot, but why do you think you’ve flown under the radar so to speak, with out much hype until recently?

G: Yeah, I guess because I don’t talk a lot, plus I was very unimpressive in my first fight. I was super nervous. Plus, I don’t have somebody big promoting me like, say, a Cory Allmand. I don’t have a Sam Hoger putting my name out there. What does it mean to you to already have a shot at a title this early in your MMA life?

G: Oh man, I can’t even put it into words. First of all, I’m grateful to Eric Garcia for giving me the shot. It just shows that hard work pays off. He’s one of the few people that has actually been through it with me in this training camp. I think he knows how much I’ve worked to get better so, the title shot just shows that I’ve been working and training hard. What is it about fighting that keeps you going and makes you want to keep training?

G: Every since I started fighting I’ve become twice the man I was. I’m a better person now. I’m doing better in school too. It just takes you to the next level as a human being. Is this a career path for you?

G: Definitely a career for me. I’m dead serious about this. I train every day twice a day. It’s definitely something I want to do with my life. What’s next for you if you win the belt? Will we see any title defenses?

G: yeah, I’ll probably defend the title a couple of times. The 170lb division in Houston is one of the most stacked. I’d like to fight Cory Allmand for the Lonestar Beatdown title. So maybe a couple more fights then I go pro. So, what do you know about your opponent, Sean Holden?

G: I know nothing about him.  I was kinda hoping to see a video or something. The guy has like 7 fights but I couldn’t find anything, except that most of his wins are by submission. It’s not really a problem to me, as all my other fights I didnt know anything about my opponents either. How do you see the fight going?

G: I see him trying to take me down in this fight. I don’t really care where the fight goes, I’m ready everywhere! Any predictions?

G: Yeah, my prediction is a good ass fight! So, I have to ask; I noticed your nickname on your Facebook is “icecreamdoublescoop”. Please explain that!

G: HA! That’s my rapper name. How did you get that?

G: My friend got fired from his job, so we were just making raps about getting fired. Then we made up rapper names. I wanted MC IceCreamDoubleScoop. Will you rap for me?

G: Yeah, but in Portuguese. Never mind!

G: OK.  “yo yo the name is G, a pro fighters is what I wanna be. I wanna be the best, but Thursday night I got a big test.  So now I need some rest, and I just ran out of rhymes, but it’s OK ’cause Thursday night its my time to shine.”

Yeah, I’m horrible! [laughs] That…was….AWESOME!  So I’m assuming that you go with the name “G” because people can’t pronounce your first name?

G: Yeah. Also because I’m a gangsta. Any body you want to thank and shout out to before we go?

G: My whole team man. Words can’t describe how lucky I am to have my team. Also to my family. I was living here by myself with just my sister until a couple of months ago. Now my mom is here and man, she wakes me up in the morning with a protein shake every day! My family has been so supportive. That’s awesome man, talk about that for a minute. What does it do for you mentally to have your mom her and supporting you?

G: It means a lot. When I was 18 and moved out, I was like ‘hell yeah, I’m 18. I can live by myself now and party every weekend. 2 weeks into living by myself, I got sick out of my mind and I was like, I want my mom back. My mom came back and now life is good man. I need my mom around me. Anyone else you want to thank?

G: Eric Garcia, everyone from Stats Sports Bar, everybody from Clean, Troy Garza, Trish, Leslie, love you guys! And thank you for the interview.