Interview: “G” Moreira

The more fights I have, I am just getting more comfortable. It is starting to feel just like sparring sessions.

Guilherme Moreira

Interview by: AJ Hoffman

Guilherme “G” Moreira has been collecting wins and belts over the last two years in Houston, running his record to 5-0 in the process. He most recently defeated 4 Oz. fighter Kevin Thomas on short notice. He takes on Jared Perez this Friday, defending his Garcia Promotions Title.

TCD: Talk about how you think you have grown as a fighter since you started at the beginning of last year.

Moreira: I think I have become a lot smarter fighter. I am training more now. After I started getting fights, I was able to start seeing what my weaknesses were, and work on those. It has just helped me be more prepared and well rounded.

TCD: What do you think is your biggest weakness at this point?

Moreira: My biggest weakness right now is probably physical strength. So that is something that I need to get better with. I am definitely concentrating on that for this camp, and I can already feel a difference.

TCD: Alright, on the flip side, what do you think is your greatest strength right now?

Moreira: I feel like I am really well-rounded. I am prepared wherever the fight goes. Not a lot of guys can actually say that. I started training all my disciplines at the same time, so I think that helps. I have been working on my wrestling and my hands longer than anything I guess, but it was all around the same time.

TCD: How much do you know about your opponent, Jared Perez?

Moreira: Honestly, I don’t know much about him. All I know is that he is a real fighter, and he is going to come to fight. I am ready to go. I don’t know much about his style, but I am not worried. That is where me being well rounded comes into play. I haven’t seen any tape on him, but that has been the same for all my opponents so far.

TCD: You took your last fight on pretty short notice. Do you usually keep yourself in shape for a fight?

Moreira: I am always training. I don’t like the “getting in shape” training sessions, so I just always try to stay in the best shape I can so when the fight does come along, I can just work on getting in “better” shape instead of starting over every time.

TCD: How did you feel about the last fight? I know there was some controversy about the finish.

Moreira: I felt good in there. I was able to stop his takedown, which is what he wanted. I was happy with my performance. The finish wasn’t as good as I would have liked, because the ref stopped it, but I felt really great last time out.

TCD: What kind of an advantage is it to you to have so many top amateurs at your gym, that also happen to be around the same size as you?

Moreira: I think it is a huge advantage. Size matters, and being used to fighting with other really good 170’s helps a lot. I don’t really have to cross train much to find guys to get ready with. My training partners are great, and they always have me prepared for my opponent.

TCD: Do you cross train at all, or do you only train at Team Tooke?

Moreira: I train about 98% of the time at Tooke, but I have trained a little at Paragon and Gracie Barra as well. But mostly it is just here at Tooke. Like I said, everything I really need to get ready is here.

TCD: What is it going to take for you to go pro? Do you feel like you are getting close to where you are ready for that step?

Moreira: I feel like I am getting close. Jace Pitre has been with me since I first started. When he tells me I am ready, I will be ready. I think I am getting close, but I am going to trust his advice.

TCD: Earlier in your career your wins were all by decision, including a couple of split decisions. Your last two wins have been stoppages. Do you feel like you are getting better every time out?

Moreira: The more fights I have, I am just getting more comfortable. It is starting to feel just like sparring sessions. I was really nervous early on, but I am just a lot more comfortable now. I think that is definitely part of the process.

TCD: Who would you like to thank?

Moreira: I want to thank Laura Craft Massages, B-3, Clean, Houston Fire Security, everybody at Bally Total Fitness, Green Drinks All Natural Smoothies,, my family, my friends, my girlfriend who has supported me through a few rough weeks with me being so active, my teammates at Tooke. That’s about it.